Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Looks like the Europeans have decided not to press the issue on Iran for now. They've decided to delay referring the mullahs to the UN Security Council.

Iran Gets Reprieve in Nuclear Standoff - Yahoo! News

Obviously Russia, who's actually building the stuff for the Iranians, and the Chinese, who need the oil are leery and would provide a veto in the UN if push came to shove.

The real chuckle is the mullah's continued brandishing of uranium enrichment as a though they weren't intent on it already! Do they know their Euroweenies or what!

Actually, the North Korean track (as reported on Joshua pundit earlier) is the most promising way of immediately lessening the threat of Iran's nukes. We'll see how that develops...

More worrisome, of course, is Iran's threat to share its nukes with other Muslim nations. Hopefully, the cork isn't out of that bottle just yet....

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