Thursday, September 22, 2005

How The Arab World looks at the Iranian Hardline on Nukes

This piece comes from al-Ahram, Egypt's main daily (equivalent to the New York Times in influence) in a nation where the press is government controlled..and our supposed `ally', at a cost of $2B+ per year.
Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | Lessons from Iran

Entitled `Lessons From Iran' it applauds to Iranians for their hard line, and says frankly that the Arab nations can take lessons from them. And excoriates Arab nations, like Qatar,that have made peaceful overtures to Israel.

Lesson one in the Arab press...It's ALWAYS the Jews!

The piece also makes the point of dissembling that the Iranians have always allowed international inspections in accordance with the NPT..not mentioning that the Mullahs
have consistently lied, hid nuclear facilities from the inspectors and engaged in deciet by their own admision for over a dozen years.

The Iranians themselves are apotting themselves on the back for their victory over the UN and the feckless well they should. We'll see what develops...

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