Friday, September 30, 2005

Violence continues in runup to Iraqi referendum

Today's bombing was in a fruit and vegetable market and killed 14 innocent people.
The Sunni insurgents continue to try and derail the Iraqi Constitution.
Car Bomb Explodes in Iraq Killing 14
As reported previously in these pages, it all comes down to whether the Sunnis want to be part of a prosperous, united Iraq or preside over a poverty stricken enclave in the Sunni triangel while the Kurds and Shiites move on.J O S H U A P U N D I T: Commentary: SO..HOW'RE THINGS GOING IN IRAQ???

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NewsBlaze said...

Assessing al Qaida Progress in Iraq and Afghanistan

An almost humorous story from Rumsfeld, showing that many Sunnis have already turned away from the insurgents.

Its something I wrote about in June.
War in Iraq turning a corner?

The only good thing about the hurricanes is that they have given the MSM something to do other than twist good Iraq stories into bad ones.