Sunday, October 16, 2005

3 Israelis killed, 5 injured in Terrorist drive by shooting

The `Peace Process' Continues

There were three Israelis killed in a Palestinian drive-by shooting Sunday; Matat Adler, 21, from Carmel, her cousin Kinneret Mandel, 23, from the same Mt. Hebron village, and Oz Ben-Meir, 15, from nearby Maon. Five were injured, two seriously.
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Israel did it's usual thing..restoring West Bank roadblocks to Judea and Samaria and banning Palestinian private cars from the roads. The brave guys at the Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades did the deed.

A car full of armed Palestinians sprayed the Gush Etzion intersection hitch-hiking post. Forty minutes later, gunmen in a second car opened fire on an Israeli car at Eily east of Ariel. The driver was seriously hurt. Hamas in Hebron provided the cars and the weapons. For those who don't know, hitchhiking is quite popular in Israel...or at least it was.

The West Bank roadblocks were dismantled three months ago as Israeli confidence-building concessions to Mahmoud Abbas. Did a lot of good, eh? The IDF is also considering restoring the military blockade of Bethlehem, site of another group of terrorist killers..

Sharon apparently blew a gasket when he heard about the attacks...and about an unexploded Qassam missle that landed right near his ranch in S'derot. He ordered the withdrawal of a number of concessions designed to `bolster' Abbas' grip on power as a bit too costly in Israeli lives.

Abbas, of course, had nothing to say about the attacks. He's posing as weak to back up his appeal for urgent assistence to save him from collapse when he meets with Dubbya Oct. 2oth. He's actually ignoring/embracing the violence at this point to convince the Americans to squeeze more concessions out of Israel.

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