Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Commentary - Jihad to Go?-Bali and elsewhere

The recent carnage in Bali has a number of things to say to us about jihad..if we feel like listening.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, with all the `correct' Islamic positions on Iraq and Israel. At the time of the last Bali bombings, the popular wisdom was that Jemaah Islamiyah had gone too far and distanced itself from the mainstream of popular thought in Indonesia. So why would Jemaah Islamiyah, which almost ruined Indonesia's tourist economy 3 years ago by bombing exactly the same area strike here once again?

Indonesia, while a Muslim country, had always embraced a more moderate form of Islam than the Wahabi doctrine preached by the Saudis. In the last three years however, Indonesia (like Europe and America) has seen an influx in Saudi Wahabi financed imams and propaganda targeted at Indonesia's mosques and madrassahs. Indeed, there have been a number of arrests involving desecration of Muslim shrines thought to be heretical or too moderate! JI has been increasingly nurtured and growing in this Saudi supplied manure.

Bali is part of Indonesia, but it is predominantly Hindu, and thus populated with kaffirs (non-believers) fit only for the sword according to jihadist belief..not to mention the opportunity of killing a number of Christian infidels at the same time.

It also represents a soft target that the Islamists will continue to attack, even if it hurts Indonesia's economy. As a matter of fact, the Jihadists would rather that the country be poorer and more represents more fertile soil for them.

It's obvious that Jemaah Islamiyah is engaged in a strategic jihad in Indonesia and in neighboring nations with the ultimate objective of undermining the current governments and replacing them with Islamist regimes, from Mindanao to southern Thailand. This isn't a small group of fanatics who plot an explosion here and there.

The aim in Indonesia is to create an Islamist regime possesing control of Indonesia's vast population and oil reserves as a base for further expansion. If the Islamists gain control of Indonesia, it won't be a a parochial little dictatorship but a launching pad for Jihad throughout all Asia.

Bali underlines facts we seem almost to be falling over ourselves to deny; that Islamism isn't going to go away by itself even if the West throws Israel to the wolves and pulls out of the Middle East, and that Islamism's aim is to conquer and destroy.

-Freedom Fighter-

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