Thursday, October 27, 2005

Israelis kill 2 Jihadist kingpins, arrest another

Israelis Kill Two Palestinian Militants - Yahoo! News

Yep, the boys at the IDF wiped out Shadi Mohanna, the Islamic Jihad field commander for northern Gaza, and his assistant, Mohammed Ghazaineh, along with 5 other terorist hangers on.

Abdel Khalim Izzadin, West Bank `commander' of Islamic Jihad was tracked down at his hole in Jenin. After a brief standoff, Izzadin and three other men realized that their options were kinda limited so they surrendered. Must have lacked faith in Allah and the 72 virgins.

This renewed activity followed a homicide bombing in Hadera that took the lives of 5 innocent non-combatants in a market at Hadera,along with continued terrorist assaults and missle launches against Israel.

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