Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jihadi Homer Simpson..Good Grief!

The Simpsons made their debut on an Arab satellite TV network, MBC, earlier this month, but the show has been re-named Al Shamsoon. Along with the new name, America's most beloved cartoon family has also picked up some interesting new habits. ...

Homer Simpson, now Omar Shamsoon, looks like the same beer-bellied good time guy, but on Arab TV he's given up alcohol and bacon (which are both against Islam), and no longer hangs out at Moe's Bar. In Arabia, Omar swigs fizzy soda, and his hot dogs are barbecued Egyptian beef. The doughnuts he salivates over have become traditional Arab cookies called kahk.

Bart is now called Badr, and Maggie, Marge and Lisa are now `Islamically attired' and veiled. Moe's Bar has been written out entirely. So has the Church of Springfield. Others exorcised from the show include Jewish character Krusty [Krustofsky] the Clown and Reverend Lovejoy - apparently to keep them from "corrupting" audiences.

America, but not America. Or rather, using America to show ones distaste for America. And Jews. And Christians.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Matt Groening or whomever? Veiled? Yah Allah, so to speak. I can understand pork and beer. But veiled as well as Krusty and Lovejoy being out are beyond the pale. You said it best: america but not america.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hey, it's money..and pretty dirty money at that.