Monday, October 24, 2005

Jihadis strike at Baghdad hotels

Homicide jihadis went after two prominent high rise hotels popular with the foreign press today, the Palestine and the Sheraton.

The intent was pretty show the foreign press that the jihadi insurgency was alive and well in spite of the referendum.Bombers Strike Baghdad Hotels - New York Times

If you remember, the Freedom Fighter predicted last month (`So How're we doing in Iraq? September `05) that the referendum WOULD be successful, and that the terrorists, reeling from the blows inflicted by our superb military, would launch a last ditch Tet style offensive to try anf influence hearts and minds here. With the media all geared up to celebrate America's 2000th KIA, it's not the worst tactic. But at least Uncle Wally and Dapper Dan aren't there to help shovel the shinola.

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