Monday, October 31, 2005

The Qassam Missles keep coming

"TRUCE" ?? What Truce!

In spite of lip service about an `agreement' between terrorist groups and Abbas' Palestinian Authority about a halt in missle attacks, a fresh barrage of five Qassam missles was launched at Israel today from Gaza. Israeli Defense Minister Mofaz's remarks yesterday about peace being impossible with the present Palestinian Government and about Abbas essentially being an empty suit seem to ring true the more time passes.
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As a reminder that the victims of Jihad have a human face, here are the faces of the murder victims of the Hadera bombings last week.

They could easily be your husband, your aunt,your uncle, your wife or your brother or sister. And it could easily be your country,your town, instead of a market in Israel.

The rest of the victims who were injured and maimed for life will have to live with their undeserved pain and suffering for years.

Remember these faces the next time some idiot start talking to you about `militants' or `hardliners' instead of labeling the perpetrators as terrorist murderers.

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