Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sharon/ Abbas summit looks doubtful

President Bush did his very best arm twisting behind the scenes, but he must realize that this is a non-starter at this point. Gaza was a message to everyone of exactly how `peaceful' the Palestinians are likely to be in the future towards Israel and the West.

Prospects fading of Israeli-Palestinian summit this week -

Ain't no use having a summit when there's nothing to talk about.

Here's the skinny, plain and simple. Abbas, acting on orders from al-Aksa and Hamas wants more terrorists released from Israeli prisons, less security control at the borders by Israel, and even more arms for his private militia. Israel refuses to do any of this until Abbas does step one of the so-called Roadmap..disarming terrorists and ending the attacks on Israel. Abbas still has never found a single terrorist worthy of being put in jail, let alone disarmed. Not if he knows what's good for him.

Aside from the fact that the PA is among the recipiants of the plethora of arms that continue to be smuggled into Gaza from Sinai and elsewhere, maybe Sharon and Mofaz rememember the thousands of M-16s and other arms given to Arafat's security forces after Oslo by Israel to help `fight terrorists and restore order'.Those weapons ending up murdering a lot of Israeli civilians.

Child abuse, anybody?

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