Friday, October 14, 2005

*SIGH* Condi tries again with Putin on Iran

This would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

Condi Rice is caught between trying to give Euroweenies like the French a spine on Iran's nukes, while trying to talk Putin into actually acting like the ally against Jihad he's supposed to be...
Rice Seeks Russian Support on Iran - Yahoo! News

The so-called `consultations' are coming a scant 6 weeks before a vote on whether to refer Iran's constant violations of nuke policy to the

That'll learn `em a lesson! Might even put sanctions in place, like with Sadaam..that worked real well!

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One day, and hopefully before it's too late, Dubbya, Condi and company will realize that the Russians are not to be trusted and neither are the UN or the Europeans when it comes to US security. Nor can the Iranians be trusted to keep any agreement they make with us beknighted infidels. An ultimatum to the mullahs, followed by a decisive strike on their oil fields to cut off their cash flow would probably do more to solve the problem than all of the meaningless diplomacy, in the Freedom Fighters opinion. it may very well come to that in the end anyway.

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