Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some Good News..Another Jihadist gets his just reward.

The IDF shot and killed a top Islamic Jihad terrorist in Burkin today during a shootout near Jenin. Nihad Abu Ghanim is no longer part of the `Peace Process'. Nice goin' boys!
CBS News | Violence Erupts In West Bank | October 16, 2005�12:30:04

Don't you just love CBS News? `Violence Erupts'..just sorta happened by accident, like a car wreck or a tornado. How `bout `Israel retaliates for Palestinian attacks'? HMMM? Nah. Wouldn't be CBS then, would it?

Check this out, about a 14 year old bomber Hamas recruited...
Would-Be Bomber, 14, Caught by Israelis - Yahoo! News

Remember, Islam is the religion of peace..or else.

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