Sunday, October 23, 2005

UK, US urge action against Syria; Iran wants `more documentation'

US Secretary of State Condi Rice and British foreign minister Jack Straw are making hostile noises about `action' against Syria following the report on the Hariri assasination. Unfortunately, the forum they're choosing is the UN, already comprimised by Kofi Annan's attempt to `edit' the report to keep senior figures of the Assad regime from being implicated, as reported yesterday in Joshuapundit.

AP Wire | 10/23/2005 | U.S., Britain urge action against Syria

Minister Straw said there is evidence of ``false testimony being given by senior people in the regime'' of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Gee, Mr. Minister...Assad's brother and brother-in-law as well as other key figures in the regime were implicated in the UN report..ya think maybe they weren't exactly forthcoming about their involvement?

Ultimately, I wouldn't expect any great results to come out of the UN on this one; a large part of the Muslim bloc will vote against sanctions, and the Russians would veto it anyway if it got to the Security Council. Putin has quite an investment in Assad and isn't going to throw that away.

If Britain and America want to end the terrorist threat from Assad and stop him from funneling arms and men into Iraq, they're going to have to do it themselves. The UN can't be counted on for anything effective.

In other news, Syria's highest political body, the National Progressive Front rejected the UN report as "a distortion of the truth". Well how `bout that!
Syria rejects UN Hariri report:

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