Monday, October 10, 2005

Yep, the summit's off - And Abbas still isn't disarming any terrorists

As Joshuapundit reported yesterday, ain't no use having a sitdown when there's nothing to talk about.

Abbas has even refused to disarm their own Fatah militia in Lebanon, centered in camps like Ein-al-Hewar (Eye of the Beauty). For those who aren't aware, the Lebanese army surrounded these camps 20 years ago, after Israel pulled out and has maintained them as a large jail ever since. No one gets in or out, except UN functionaries bringing in supplies, and `Palestinians' in Lebanon are forbiden to work,own property and for the most part even venture outside the camps unless under military or police escort. Kinda puts a different perspective on the so-called Israeli `occupation', doesn't it?

As Joshuapundit reported, a number of fighters affiliated with Hamas and armed by the Syrians have gotten out of the camps ..and were sent to the Bek'aa Valley to train with Hezbollah and to Gaza.

Washington and the EU want the Fatah military disarmed,in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution that ordered Syria's evacuation and the disarming of the various militias in Lebanon, including Hezbollah. But Abbas has refused.

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