Thursday, November 03, 2005

Australian Parliament passes strict new anti-terrorism laws

Led by PM John Howard, the Australian Parliament in Canberra passed strict new anti-terrorism laws designed to protect the country from terrorist threats from within and without. Of course, the lunatic fringe there protested ..and would probably have continued protesting until a few thousand of their fellow citizens were incinerated in an attack. A well reasoned commentary from the Australian on this :

The Australian: Howard and Beazley had to act on terror [November 04, 2005]

To get an idea of why the laws were passed, take a peek at this:
The Australian: Clerics still preaching hatred of West [November 03, 2005]

I love the part where Sheik Omran preaches hatred against Jews and the West in his mosque and then wonders why his fellow Austrailians are concerned!

With a bit of luck, America will wake up and realize that jihad is being financed, taught and imported into our own country and take a lesson from PM Howard and the Australians.

Are you listening, Dubbya?

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