Sunday, November 20, 2005

Commentary: Murtha's anti-war gambit backfires on opponents of Iraq War.

I've said many times that in spite of cooked polls and constant hammering by the Main Stream Media,the American people continue to basically support this war, even as they recognize problems and even hypocrisy with some aspects the way Bush is waging it-as I do.

I've also said that the majority of the `liberal' Democrats in congress are simply cowards without the courage of their convictions, playing politics with the lives of our troops. And that if they REALLY felt that`Bush lied to us' and wanted to end this war, they could do it in a heartbeat, by cutting the funding or advancing legislaton and bringing it to a vote. Instead,they want it both ways. They mouth the anti-war gibberish for the appeasment crowd but refuse to go on record because they know..THEY KNOW..that the American people would never stand for them disgracing our troops and seizing defeat out of the jaws of victory for a second time.

I have to thank congressman Murtha for proving my point.

Representative John Murtha(d-PA) came out with a call to immediately withdraw US troops from Iraq, a policy in line with the neoisolationist far Left wing of the Democratic party. Murtha was obviously picked by the Democratic leadership because of his superb military record as a decorated veteran of Korea and Viet Nam. His resolution called for a iron clad date for US withdrawal within 6 months, and frankly was everything Zawahiri and Zarqawi could have wished for.

The anti-war forces in Congress obviously expected a series of useful soundbites and play in the media. Instead, House majority leader Dennis Hastert and othe rconservatives in Congress insisted on bringing a simplified version of the resolution calling for an immediate withdrawal to a vote, to put these craven cowards on record. This was a chance for the House Dems to put their votes where their big mouths are.Instead, the anti-war dems ran like rats,leaving Murtha high and dry.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (d-CA) attempted to spin this, but the fact remains that today, the anti-war democrats had a chance to put their votes where their rhetoric was, and ran for the hills. Politicians can add,if nothing else, and it's obvious that pols like Pelosi realized that the political damage they would sustain by supporting this measure would be catastophic. So they left Murtha to twist in the wind.

As for Murtha himself, he is obviously someone who behaved in the past with great personal courage who allowed himself to be pressured into a disgraceful act.

Rest assured that bin Laden, Zarqawi and the rest of our enemies took note of this.

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