Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Israel takes out two top terrorists

Senior Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades chief Hassan Madhun and Fawzi Abu Kara of Hamas were removed from the `peace process' when their vehicle was struck by an Israeli heliocopter rocket in northern Gaza Strip’s Jebalya refugee camp Tuesday afternoon.
The Courier-Mail: Israeli air strike kills top Palestinian militants [02nov05]
I loved the way ABC and al-Reuters referred to these guys as `fugitives'. They were anything but.

Madhun was a `security' officer getting a paycheck from Abbas' Palestinian security forces as well as a terrorist chief for al-Aksa. He was the controller who earlier this year sent a Palestinian woman on a suicide mission to blow up the southern Israel Beersheba hospital where she was being treated. She was intercepted and disarmed by Israeli troops manning the Gaza border crossing. As in most of the terrorist operations, Fatah had an active part. Madhun also helped plan the 2004 suicide bombing at Ashdod which killed 10 Israelis and the deaths of 6 Israeli soldiers in a blast at the Karni crossing.

He and Abu Kara were undoutedly planning further coordinated attacks.
Congratulations to the pest extermination department of the IDF.

In other news, a couple more Qassam missles were fired into the West Negev in Israel near Ashdod. No casualties or property damage,just more noise and tension.

Sharon seems content to keep things in a holding pattern for now, at least until the Parlimentary elections. We'll see what happens...

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