Friday, November 18, 2005

Mosque Bombings in Iraq kill 74; hotel bombing in Baghdad kills 8

Iraq is reeling over two seperate bombing incidents.

in the first one, terrorists set off bombs in two seperate mosques in Eastern Iraq,killing 74 people and injuring hundreds ABC News: Bombers Kill 74 at Two Mosques in Iraq

Later two massive vehicle bombs exploded this morning near the Hamra Hotel complex here that serves as a base for international journalists and several Western security firms, killing several Iraqi civilians.Car Bombs Targeting Baghdad Hotel Kill 8 Iraqis - Los Angeles Times

This second assualt was obviously aimed at the Western Media, with the idea of intensifying the negative tone of the stories being filed from Iraq by the resident journalists. Good move for Zarkawi and Zawahiri, at least in terms of strategy. Perception is reality, especially in this part of the world.

Want to bet they heard about John Murtha's(d-PA) move in the US House of Representatives to legislate an immediate pullout of troops fromIraq?ABC News: House GOP Seeks Quick Vote on Iraq Pullout

Interestingly enough, Murtha is being characterized by the MSM as a `hawk' when in fact he is on record in 2004 calling the Iraq war `unwinnable'.


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to understand how a decorated war veteran and Marine like Murtha can put his fellow Marines and service personnel in harms way. It would be interesting to hear comments from our troops in Iraq and Afganistan.

Freedom Fighter said...

I suspect that Murtha was pressured by the Dem leadership in Congress and picked because of his record.

Rememeber though, as I posted that Murtha was in fact on record against the war at least as far back as 2004.

Remeber the days when politics stopped at the water's edge when our troops were under fire?

Apparently there are a lot of `liberals' of the neo isolationist persuasion thathave for gotten that. And I agree, it's despicable.

Anonymous said...

The troops need to be brought back immediatly.

If the Republican congress still wants to fight, well they are free to go to Iraq themselves.

All the cowards who claim to support the troops while sending them to fight natives in a country that is 5000 miles can also replace them.

Maybe you could convince your Israeli likudist friends to replace them (but I don't think Israeli are dumb enough to go there).



The people who today support the Iraqi massacre are the people who hate the Arabs/Muslims most.

Freedom Fighter said...

Gee, Karim...
I guess that's what happens when cousins marry...

Have a nice day.