Monday, November 07, 2005

Whitewashing terrorists and their symphatizers

One of the postergirls of the anti-Israel left is an interesting character named Rachel Corrie, who was accidently killed when getting in the way of an Israeli bulldozer involved in collapsing tunnels used to smuggle arms and explosives to Palestinian terrorists involved in murdering Israel's civilian population. She was part of a concerted operation by the International Solidarity Movement, which is on record as supporting the killing of Israeli civilians as a `tactic for liberation'.

She's been the subject of a hit play in London, become a small time cottage industry with a plethora of tee shirts, hats, posters and watches being sold with her image and even sparked a fundraising `tour' by her parents. Needless to say, none of the Rachel Corrie merchandise features the above ABC news photo of a hate filled haridan burning an American flag at a Hamas rally.

Professor Steven Plaut, in response to the Corrie family's recent open letter "A Call to Action; Rachel’s Words Live," wrote an excellent short piece on Rachel Corrie's actual history and affiliations. > News > View Article It's a little different than the London theatre version...and a lot more accurate.

Rachel Corrie hated America and was nothing less than a classic anti-semite, which she attempted to mask by turning her Jew hatred into `anti-Zionism'. I'd like to feel symphathy for her demise,but frankly, I think she's better off and doing less harm by not being around.

In a spirit of fairness, I thought I'd contribute my own idea for merchandising her image..her real image that is.

You're welcome.

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