Thursday, July 27, 2006

American Muslim activists agitated over FBI probe of Hezbollah supporters..and the FBI goes `sensitive'.

A number of terrorist symphathizers umm...Muslim `activists' appear to have their turbans and kefiyas in a knot over FBI investigations of Hezbollah activities and supporters on American the wonderful folks pictured above.

Twenty-five groups, including the Islamic Society of North America and the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee,(James Zogby's little group of Islamist shills) urged FBI Director Robert Mueller in a letter to instruct field offices and agents to avoid unwarranted profiling and to respect legal protections during questioning. I'm certain CAIR, the ACLU, and MPAC are along for the party.

The letter to Mueller noted that since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the FBI had launched a number of interview programs that targeted Arab and Muslim men in particular. I can't imagine why.

"During these interview efforts, it quickly became apparent that FBI agents were frequently engaging in harassing, unduly burdensome and improper questioning," the letter says.

"We want the FBI, obviously, to protect our nation from those who do us harm, but we want them to focus on actual credible evidence of wrongdoing and not target people based on their ethnicity or religion or . . . political expression," said Farhana Khera, head of Muslim Advocates, the lead drafter of the letter.

"We want to avert any kind of raw fishing expedition-type initiative," he said.

Apparently the FBI has decided to increase its scrutiny of Hezbollah after its attack on Israel and some of the rather florid rhetoric expressed by Hezbollah groupies here in America.

Now, here's the part that surprises me.

Hezbollah is officially designated a terrorist group by the US government. Before the 9/11 attacks, Hizbullah was responsible for killing more Americans than any other terrorist organization, including the 1983 attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 US servicemen.

Several US servicemen and diplomats have been tortured to death by this gang of murderers and they are a wholly owned subsidiary of our avowed enemy, Iran.

And anyone defending them, especially American adhereants to a certain religion of peace could very credibly have their loyalty to this country put into question.

So how does Mueller respond to this letter that directly accuses the FBI of `racism' towards jihadis and their supporters here in America?

First, he gives a PC press conference yesterday emphasizing the FBI's cultural sensitivity and stated that is his opinion that there was no evidence of the group planning an attack in the United States or on US interests though its never happened before.

Then, he put FBI spokesman Stephen Kodak in front of the assembled reporters to say that the agency planned to reach out to the groups that sent the letter,and that there were no plans to launch large-scale investigation regarding Hezbollah and its allies here in the USA!

"We are sensitive to the cultural differences in dealing with the Muslim community," Kodak said. "Whether or not there's going to be special, additional guidance, that I don't know at this time."

Damn straight, infidel. Cultural sensitivity. And don't you forget it...that's a good dhimmi!


louielouie said...

i have been working on my cultural sensitivity. i have recently been informed that the politically incorrect term "towel heads" is offensive to islamic terrorists. so i need to be more sensitive in my choice of words when refering to those who hate us and want to kill each and everyone of us. just because we are alive. the reason that the term is so offensive, so i am told, is because the term for what they wear on their heads is not a towel. it is in fact a small sheet. therefore, from this moment forward i will refer to "these people" as "little sheet heads".
nice little dhimmi.

nazar said...

It's starting to smell like Briatin's MI5 again...

The FBI is an organization that I have a great amount of respect for, and not because of their cultural sensitivity. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who sympathizes with Hezbollah, and lives in America should be deported to Lebanon. I'm sure Hezbollah could use some more jihadists.