Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Eight Israeli soldiers killed as fighting continues in Bint Jebeil

The IDF suffered a setback today as eight soldiers were killed early this morning when elements of the Golani battalion were ambushed when they tried to enter the surrounded Hezbollah stronghold at Bint Jebeil.

The battles took place primarily in a strip of 15 houses, as IDF troops moved in among the buildings, with backup forces covering them from various points within the structures.

According to an IDF spokesperson, there are still a few hundred Lebanese citizens in Bint Jebeil, and therefore the IAF cannot simply obliterate the positions from the more ground troops are on the way in.

In other words, just like in Jenin, the IDF is acepting casualties and allowing Hezbollah to use civilians for human shields.

That's a serious mistake, in my opinion. Especially as they will not get any credit for it anyway.

In spite of the success of the ambush, it wasn't a great day for Hezbollah either. IDF sources estimate that at least 50 Hezbolah fighters were killed in today's fighting.


nazar said...

So, what are you suggesting? That the IDF carpet bomb Bint Jebeil?

Yeah, that would do a world of good.

Freedom Fighter said...

Yes, I would.

The object of any war, as General Patton once famously said is NOT to die for your country but to make the other poor s.o.b. die for his.

This is Jenin all over again,where the Israelis suffered substantial casualties in order to keep civilian casualties to a minimum.

As you may remember,that was the famous `Jenin massacre' so beloved of Arafat, the European press and the UN.

As you also know,once the bogus claims were investigated, they were proven to be a total Pallywood fabrication..but that ws months later and is STILL not acepted by people who hate the Israelis anyway.

And the small degree of vindication in very limited circles didn't bring any of those IDF soldiers backto life again.

So yeahs I say do what's necessary.
In the end, that usually saves th emost lives anyway by curtailing hostilities.