Sunday, July 30, 2006


Members of Joshua's Army have an assignment. It is to devote one hour and 17 minutes to clicking on the link below and watching the acclaimed documentary `Obsession: Radical Islam's war against the West.' And then foward this to everyone you can think of who is the least bit confused about the nature of the War Against Jihad.

This film, a superb capsule treatment of this subject features comentary by experts like Steven Emerson, Noni Darwish, Walid Shoebat and a host of others. It was circulated mostly by private distribution and was pretty much blackballed by polically correct theater chains and public broadcasting outlets, for obvious reasons..most likely because they didn't want their theaters or TV stations blown up by adherants of the Religion of Peace.

Now you can see what they were afraid of having you see. I urge that you do so.

Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About - Google Video


louielouie said...

the only thing i got from the movie was that daniel pipes sounds like a moderate.
not as MSM protrays him.
and the other one thing is i don't understand the dhimmitude of the bush administration.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie.

Do a search on this site under Saudis for more info.

It is a symbiotic relationship at this point. A lot of those Arab petro dollars end up right back here in t-bills and government securities. Same with the Chinese.

The Bush Administration fights half a `war on terror' while ignoring the wholesale exportation of wahabism to America and the radicalization of American Muslims through Saudi control of the mosques and madrassahs.

The Saudis fight terrorism when it intrudes on their own backyard and seed it elsewhere...

As for `Obsession' youmay feel that you didn't get much out of it...others definitely need the wakeup call.

And BTW, Pipes IS pretty moderate.

louielouie said...

from a fox webarticle:

Gunmen opened fire on municipal street sweepers in Iraq's capital on Monday, killing one and injuring two,

maybe ff can confirm this, but i am assuming this was done because, MOHAMMED DIDN'T HAVE STREET SWEEPER!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Extremism in any religion is wrong; whether a person is Christian, Jewish or Muslim, fighting without regard for human life is wrong and fighting without regard for another's beliefs is wrong. People on every side of the issue should be careful, even those on this site.

Freedom Fighter said...

I agree with you, anonymous.

I wholeheatedly condemn all those Jewish and Christian homicide bombers, terrorists and the many Jewish and Christian clergy preaching holy war and/or forced conversion against non-believers.

I also condemn the well known Jewish and Christian beliefs that anyone who dies while killing a Muslim goes immediately to Paradise to sport with the 72 virgins.

And let's not forget the restrictions on religious practice and the hundreds of mosques that have been burned in Christian countries and in Israel.

(sarcasm off)

I really don't mean to be disrespectful at your expense, but in view of recent events, do you have any idea how silly you sound?

Please think about it and wake up.

Anonymous said...

Recent events shed negative lights on both Muslims and Jews. I don't harbor hatred for either, but I see where both of these cultures pull the rest of the world into their issues. It's sad, but it's true.

Freedom Fighter said...


Please tell me all about the Evil Jooos deliberately targeting civilians, the Rabbis preaching Holy War, the terrorism carried out by Jews in Europe and America..

It's not that the Muslims OR the Jews pull the rest of the world into what you call `their issues'. It's that Israel is part of the west and jihad against the Jews is simply part of the Jihad against the west.

However you might feel about Jews,one thing is certain..they are the early warning system of western Civilization and what happens to them first happens to the rest of the West later.

That happened in the 1930's and it happened prior to 9/11; all of the strategy and tactics first perfected against Israel are being used against the west now.

If Israel magically disappeared, Jihad would still be ongoing against the West..THAT you can be sure of.

Anonymous said...

But, the only reason that Israel doesn't disappear is because it has the support of countries like the U.S. and Britain that were here before their state was given to them because of atrocities carried out by warped individuals. If Israel falls again, will they be offered a larger nation to appease their pain?

People are fighting over land. And, may I remind you, that it isn't exactly lush farmland and oceanfront estates? It's a vast wasteland where people choose to live because they want to fight.

I don't agree with how the Muslim extremists have responded, but by responding in extreme fashion to their actions, it makes the Israeli government look extreme, as well.

This is all going to lead to another war that the super-powers, namely the U.S. and Britain, will have to spearhead in order for real victory to be exercised. Everyone knows the U.N. is toothless. The U.N. is another example of how corporate entities get rich off of others' actions, namely the U.S.A.

However, cultures that fight like this don't move forward. They remain trapped in ridiculous religious ideals that keep them focusing on Third World issues for eternity. Extremism is wrong in any practice.

louielouie said...

anon @ 12:11pm
but I see where both of these cultures pull the rest of the world into their issues.

the jooos want to pull people into their support/defense of liberal democracy and modern/evolved society.

the hezzies want to pull people into a cult of death, a social structure rooted in the 7th century, and teach hate.

i can see how, for some, that would be a difficult choice to make. that is if choices come without gov't intervention.
as far as american citizens are concerned, i believe that attitude was more prevalent in the 1770's when the tories held sway and wanted to keep us subjugated to what today is known as londonstan.
i prefer the path of samuel adams.

to ff, you reeeally had me going for a minute there. 72 virgins for the christians too. i thought i missed that sunday school lesson.

nazar said...

Israel is only responding as any sovereign state in the world would respond. An elected segment of the Lebanese government (Hezbollah)captured IDF soldiers and sends hundreds of rockets into Israel to kill civilians. Clearly, Beirut is unable to stop this, hence the invasion.

It would be like the Socialist Party of Mexico capturing American soldiers and shooting rockets at Texas. It would take Shrubby all of two seconds to send some Marines down there to completely DEMOLISH the Mexicans if the central government in Mexico City didn't trip over itself to return those American soldiers and pay handsome reparations for the rocket attacks. And the Ununited Nations? They wouldn't pip a squeak. Kofi the Anus knows where his funding comes from.

Of course, Israel is only a small, little country in the middle of a shithole of festering Islamism and ignorance, and, hey, as an addded bonus, it's populated by the evil Joos...hence the UN's reaction.

Before you talk about "responding in an extreme fashion" on the part of Israel, don't forget that the IDF is trying to minimize civilian casualties, and Hezbollah is trying to maximize them. There's no such thing as "responding in an extreme fashion" to these kinds of monsters. It's like that video showed. The Islamists are the new Nazis, only they're even worse because they think allah is telling them to do these things, not der fuhrer. It would be like saying that demanding anything less from the Nazis than an unconditional surrender is to "respond in an extreme fashion."

Anonymous said...

You are right. If a country attacked America and took our soldiers, we would respond like the thunder of God. The difference is we didn't tell the Mexicans to either respect where we tell them to live, or live in walled-off communities like those in Gaza.

I don't think that the Muslim extremists should be doing the things they are doing. I am merely telling Israel that they may be writing checks that they cannot cash and yet again it will require the world's police, the U.S., to come in and clean up another mess in the Middle East.

If we could only drill in ANWR, we could ignore this issue and allow countries to work out their issues between themselves. I understand that dispproportionate responses don't work. After all, if the U.S. had responded as we should have post 9/11, there wouldn't be soil in the Middle East to fight over.

I am not anti-Israel, anti-Jew, anti-anyone. I am pro-American and I fear that some day my children will be reaping the effects of the issues that others are spurning in the Middle East right now.

Most Israelis didn't speak out against the Native Americans rising in revolt against us when we pushed them off their native lands, but we are expected to denounce those who stand against Israelis. Again, though, my thoughts are ahead of the train. When our Native Americans rose up, Israel wasn't in existence because it wasn't a nation, but then again your cultures were still fighting over the same old 3rd World issue that being one is an infidel and the other is a savage. Just admit, maybe you're both a little savage in your tactics.

nazar said...

In school, did you learn about the Mexican-American War? In case you didn't, let me enlighten you: In 1846, the American military claimed it was attacked from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. This was the excuse for a MASSIVE land-grab from Mexico over the next two years. And what do we get from Mexico these days? Millions of people (along with the obligatory few that are drug and whore peddlers) that just want to work hard so they can feed their families. American pioneers made a paradise in the Arizona sand dunes, the New Mexico dessert, and the Texas cow-fields.

Similarily, the Jews made a paradise in the dessert in Israel. Only they didn't invade it through war like we did to Mexico. Every war Israel has ever fought was a defensive war. I think the Palestinians would do well to learn from the Mexicans. Instead of choosing hate and war, they should take a page out of the Mexicans' book and try to live in peace with their powerful, wealthy neighbor, as this will allow them to eventually benefit from their neighbor's wealth. There's no point in calling liberal democracies savage when they are only protecting themselves and their citizens. The real savages are the jihadists, and don't you forget that.

DiMera said...

Every war that Israel, a nation created out of appeasement, shouldn't be fighting anyone. They had better worry that a league of nations will get together and offer the Palestinians their own country. That would leave the Jews homeless again.

nazar said...

The Palestinians already have Jordan, Lebanon, and Syrian, as well as all the other Arab countries. What more do they want?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hmmm, rule is that a respectful post, no matter how much I disagree with it will always get a respectful response from me.

Let's look at what you've said:

`But, the only reason that Israel doesn't disappear is because it has the support of countries like the U.S. and Britain that were here before their state was given to them because of atrocities carried out by warped individuals. If Israel falls again, will they be offered a larger nation to appease their pain?

People are fighting over land. And, may I remind you, that it isn't exactly lush farmland and oceanfront estates? It's a vast wasteland where people choose to live because they want to fight.'

Ummm, historically wrong on all counts. The Jews ALWAYS lived in Israel, contrary to popular belief and the legal foundation for Israel's creation goes back to the League of Nations mandate given to Britain after WWI SPECIFICALLY to create a Jewish homeland. WWII and the Holocaust only exacerbated something that should have taken place years ago.

Before then, it was a depopulated Ottoman wasteland, except for Safed and Jerusalem which were both Jewish majority cities.

As for Britain and the US `supporting Israel', substantial US military aid to Israel did not start until AFTER the 1967 war. In 1948, the US was aggressively neutral and had an arms embargo to both sides and Britain actively armed the Arabs and even officered their armies, in spite of full knowledge that the Arabs were intent on massacre.

As for the land itself, Israel at this point is indeed lush farmland. prosperous cities and beautiful beaches. The Jews are fighting for their homes and their lives, as they have been for over fifty years. Did you forget who has been the constant aggressor during that time?

It ain't Israel.

And I likewise will tell you that you are frankly, incorrect in comparing the so-called `Palestinians' to Native Americans.

It was not their land to start with, and the vast majority moved there AFTER the Jews began building up the country.

See, once Israel was established in 1948, the `Palestinians' took a bet. The vast majority bet against the Jews and left, expecting their Arab buddies to kill them off, after which they could help themselves to the wealth and prosperity the Jews had begun to create.

About 100,000 of them bet onthe Jews to win, and are full citizens of Israel to this day.

As for America being `drawn into it', did you REALLY think that if Israel didn't exist the jihad against the West would stop?


dimera said...

And, I believe that their (extremists) argument is the Jews already have Israel, Palestine, and the United States. This is a never-ending cycle of violence that enraptures too many countries and shouldn't be brought here again. 9-11 is a direct response for backing countries that don't have American interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

FF, I thank you that you are being respectful in responding to my posts. I am not trying to be disrespectful, I am merely fearful that if this escalates, it will require U.S intervention. We are already battling terror on so many fronts and, now, we’ll likely be pulled into this. I don’t want to see this come down to a nuclear issue. I have great apprehension that it will, however. If it does go nuclear, we will be even more hated by Muslim extremists.

I originally posted on this site because I think that the site and many of its users forget to draw a line between fundamentalists and traditional Muslims. Often times, posts and articles on this site exude an ideal that if you are a supporter of Palestinians, you are automatically an opponent to Jews. That is not true, in my opinion. I have huge issues with any culture that exists only to destroy another. In many ways, you are right that extremists are only after this goal. I cannot agree with you more.

However, you are fighting over land. There is no reason to fight over something that should be shared between cultures, between people. We are all God’s children. I am Catholic, but that does not mean that I would hate my neighbor because he reads from the Koran, or from the Torah. I don’t believe that you should ever hate anyone just because they pray to a different God. There is only one God and while we may never agree on it, all these religion’s books teach us to love one another.

Islamic extremists are to Islam as members of the Ku Klux Klan are to Christianity. This is a phrase that I repeat daily when I see the media perpetuate the lies that are espoused by both sides of this movement. Israelis won’t be happy until Arabs leave Israel and the Arabs demand the same. This is just sad.

I apologize for being incorrect about the history of Israel’s land, but I refuse to believe that an accord cannot be met between two varying cultures. I love my neighbors even though they don’t place as much esteem in the Virgin Mary as I do. Am I considered an infidel by Muslims for loving Jesus and not recognizing Muhammad as my religious leader? Yes, but I have chosen to forgive them for hating me; there doesn’t seem to be a way for those living in the Middle East to just agree to disagree.

But, there does tend to be a feeling in the U.S. culture that we should utter a comment at all on these issues. I don’t think that Israelis worry about the immigration issues we face; why must we constantly struggle with the problems of their country?

I feel that I should draw a connection that prior to 1967, when you noted the U.S. began providing substantial support to Israel, the U.S. was not a target of Muslim aggression. I don’t know what the answer to this problem is. If I did, I’d drop a line to W and Condi and I’d provide my insight.

However, like most Americans, I see the direct effect of war in the Middle East every time my car gets below a half-tank. It isn’t my fault I drive a sedan, but it is the fault of extremists that I fund their causes when I fill up at $2.98 a gallon.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello again, Anonymous.

US aid to Israel was based on Soviet penetration into the Middle East during the Cold War...and nothing else. It has NOTHING to do with the current phase of a 1500 year old war against the west, which began in the 1970's with the rise of OPEC and the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

And BTW, the Arab nations were ALL part of the Soviet bloc to try to defeat America prior to 1967. Read up on Nasser, Syria and Iraq during that period sometime. Your point that their was no Muslim aggression towards America prior to our aiding Israel is simply untrue.

Might I ALSO remind you that in the aggregate, we give billions more in aid to Arab countries than we do to Israel?

As for `fighting over land that should be shared'..are you aware than almost a million Jews were ethnically cleansed from the Arab world after 1948, and yet Israel is the only country where Arabs and Jews actually live together in relative harmony and legal equality?

Have you considered that there are 22 other Arab countries that the so-called `Palestinians' are able to live in with huge land areas while the Jews are only allowed to live in Israel, a country about the size of New Jersey?

You need to think hard about who is willing to co-exist in peace and who is not.

As for the US being involved, that would be true even if Israel had never existed.

It's about jihad, anonymous. The Qu'ran and the Hadiths say so.

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh BTW, anonymous...take a look at this site's blogroll. You will find a number of moderate Muslims represented.

But both they and I understand the difference, I think.

nazar said...

I already knew a lot of these things that I saw in the video just from reading your site, but it was neverthless quite shocking to see that 3 and a half year old girl say that she hates the Jews because Allah told her so in the Koran. I think this also demonstrates the power of the internet: The jihadists can use it, but so can we, to spread the truth.

I'm going to post a link to this video on the forum of, which is composed 90% of terrorist-appeasing idiots. Oops, I mean multiculturalists.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to feel attacked for sharing my opinions. I think my ideals and a lot of those espoused on this site are a direct reflection why little people's ideals should be considered just that: little. I am not saying I am versed in the Koran, or the Torah, or as well-versed in the Bible as I should be, I am merely saying that cultures that refuse to live in peace only breed despair. Admit that both sides toss this coin.

nazar said...

No one was attacking you anonymous. Don't victimize yourself. And just what do you propose Israel should have done if it was attacked? Roll over and let the incessant rocket attacks continue? Is that what you would want your country to do if rockets were practically landing in your backyard?

There's no sense in demonizing a country that's trying to protect its citizens from a violent aggressor, especially if it's trying to minimize the casualties among the civilians who most likely supported that aggressor.

Freedom Fighter said...

With all respect anonymous, I merely pointed out some rather severe factual errors in your comments.

That makes you feel `attacked'?

As for your moral equivalence of both sides, I must admit I find that rather despicable, considering how many Americans Hezbollah and the Palestinians have murdered...but consider this factoid:

If the Arabs laid down there arms and practiced peace, there would be peace.

If Israel laid down its arms, every Jew there would be massacred, down to the last infant.

It may be PC to talk about the mythical `cycle of violence' in your universe...but in the real world, what you essentially have is Arab attacks and Israeli RESPONSES.

Think about it.