Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Qana strike...the real and the unreel of a Hezbo-wood production?

Looking at the headlines today,the Main Stream media is gorging itself on a particularly juicy story of an Israeli `atrocity'.To read the headlines, particularly in Europe and the Arab world, you would think that the Wicked Jooos simply reconned the area looking for a building with kids in it to blow up and cause maximum civilian casualties.

Here's the real skinny.

Qana was, in fact a Hezbollah stronghold, launching over 150 rockets at Israel per day. After leafletting it and warning civilians that a strike was imminent, Israel lauched an air strike, during which an Israeli chopper sent ordnance into a three-story building in Qana which apparently still housed civilians as well as a Hezbollah site for shooting rockets against the Israeli towns of Haifa and Nahariya. The death toll was horrible – 57 deaths aparently including 37 children.

As one examines it in detail, certain things become apparent. The first and most obvious, is that Hezbollah prevented civilians from leaving Qana, even after the Israelis warned that an attack was coming..and used them for human shields and as propaganda tools.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman, made that very point while issuing a staement deploring and regretting the loss of innocent lives.

(BTW..we haven't heard from Hezbollah, any Arab governments, the EU or the UN expressing any concern or regret over the deaths of Israeli civilians killed by Hezbollah. The outrage, as always flows in just one direction.)

The folks at Hezbollah are very aware that maximizing Lebanese civilian casualties is the most effective way to disarm Israel and its military, using international 'outrage' and the media as its instrument. Hiding its combat operations among helpless civilians is an old and proven tactic for Hezbollah and its fellow jihadis.

Another curious fact is the time lag between the attack and the building's collapse, and the fact that no Hezbollah fighters bodies were found in the wreckage.

The attack took place at about 1 AM on Saturday, July 29th...but the building didn't collapse until six or seven hours later, according to Israeli reconnaisance cited in a statement by Israeli Air Force Staff chief Brig-Gen Amir Eshel.

Did Hezbollah remove its dead and wounded from the building and then deliberately detonate explosives to bring it down? Wouldn't the normal human response be to immediately flee a building that had suffered an attack of that kind...unless the civilians and particularly the children were prevented from leaving?

This smells to me like another Pallywood production..this time produced by Hezbowood.

As with all such propaganda ploys like `The Mohammed Dura Story',`Gaza Beach Blanket Bingo' or the `Jenin Massacre', the full details may come out later..after this latest `atrocity' becomes part of Arab folklore as a justification for Jihad against the Evil Jooos.

Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

Women and children. hmm. women and children. who slept through all those rocket launches right next to the building. the building that crashed EIGHT hours after it was alledgedly hit?!? No young men? Wanna guess where they were? The lefties and arabists who find conspiracy in everything are doing a fine job of covering up the obvious conspiracy here!


Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks, weepopstar. There's a post up now that makes this even more plain...including the use of dead children's bodies as Hollywood prop dummies.