Friday, July 13, 2007

The weekly roundup with Weekend Monkey 7/13/07

And now, it's time for the weekly roundup for Joshua's Army members...a rundown of news and views, featuring me and my close personal friend, Democrat presidential candidate Weekend Monkey!

FF: Hey Weekend Monkey! How's the campaign going?

WM: Eh! I may have to cut back on some staff....

FF: Who's leaving?

WM: Oh. I 'll let you know.

FF: Speaking of leaving, Bush looks like he's in major trouble. Did you see that Rasmussen poll?

WM: Well,he's made a lot of enemies. I dunno if they'll actually be successful at it, but I think you're right about the Democrats' trying to impeach him and Cheney.what were the odds you were giving, only 60/40 for him to make it through his term?

FF: Yeah, I'd say about that.Funny thing about his enemies...a lot of them used to be his friends!Yeah, I'd say 60/40.

WM: I'll take that action...say about a dime's worth.

FF: You're betting Bush'll get the axe? Show me the hundred first, Monkey..OK, you're on, at 6 to 4. So Pelosi becomes president?

WM: That, I dunno. All I 'm betting is that Bush doesn't stay there until January of `09.

FF: Hmmmm...OK. I guess the other big news is your fellow party members trying to sabotage Petraeus in Iraq. I mean, they ought to be ashamed. Do they have any clue as to what they're playing with?

WM: Look FF, let's face it. Bush has really screwed the pooch on the war effort, and nobody trusts a word he says anymore. Don't go putting that on the Democrats.

FF: OK Monkey, I'll grant you his efforts have been less than effective until now, the Shiite government was a big boo-boo, and the waste and corruption in Iraq is a given. But here's the thing..the senate voted 83-zip to confirm Petraeus as commander. They knew what he had planned, and they agreed to give him until September and see where things were then. Now, when he's starting to be successful, they want to cut him off at the knees and make sure he fails.They want to legislate a defeat, just for their own political purposes. It isn't right.

WM: Hey, that's politics, FF. Right's got nada to do with it.

FF: Doesn't it bother you that you're the only Democrat presidential candidate who's even talking about national defense and winning the war?

WM: Well, yeah, it does. But for a lot of the bozos running, they think all we're fighting is some guys from al-Qaeda. I know better, and they may know better, but that's what they're selling to the primates. Well maybe Hillary knows better..I dunno about Biden, Obama yo' Mama and the rest. But she's taking the same party line. That's the script.

FF: Even if they're right..who the heck do they think we're fighting in Iraq right now if not al Qaeda?

WM: See, FF, you expect it to make logical sense. Me, I just expect it to make political sense.

FF: You're one smart monkey, I'll say that. By the way, Louie Louie e-mailed me and said he missed your roundup last week.

WM: Yeah,like I care after his check made out to the campaign bounced...

FF: Monkey....

WM: Alright, alright...*Hi Louie Louie..see, I'm ba-ack*. Sweet enough for ya?

FF: Yes, that was nice.

WM: Now, FF, this is your area of expertise...what the hell is going on in the Middle East?

FF: Lotta crazy stuff, Monkey. The Syrian Army now has a fortified bridgehead inside Lebanon, in Hezbollah territory in the Bek'aa Valley. The Lebanese Army is still fighting the Palestinians in Fatah al-Islam..

WM: Who the Syrians and Hezbollah are arming..

FF:...right..and a lot of stuff is scheduled to hit the fan around mid month, like the UN yacking about how Resolution 1701 isn't being enforced, and more importantly the convening of the Hariri tribunal which will probably implicate basher Assad and the Syrians. Also, Hezbollah is armed to the teeth right now. Plus, there's Turkey. The elections happen in July, which will decide whether Turkey goes Islamist or not. Might even see an army coup.

WM: You see a war, FF?

FF: I see the Syrians taking out Siniora in Lebanon mid-Month. I see them going after Israel in August or September, once that's done. And I wouldn't bet the farm on it, but it wouldn't surprise me if we decide to take out Iran around that time.

WM: I dunno...I think the Dems would go bat burgers, FF. Bush is in enough trouble already.

FF: Monkey, did you see what I wrote this week?

WM: Ummm...maybe....

FF: Unless we deal with Iran and Syria, nothing we do in Iraq will mean much. So, what did you think about that thing that happened with the car bombs in the UK?

WM: I think they were pretty freaking inept.

FF: Lucky thing..

WM: Hey, the Brits have been shilling for radical Islam for years. They always said London was safe, because the goombahs would never attack it - `cause too many of them lived there! Londonistan, remember? Now, if I were doing it, I'd go after -

FF: Umm, Monkey, I think we'd better drop the subject. I don't want to give any of the motards ideas..

WM: Ok, Ok.

FF: Next thing I know, you'll be shilling for the jihadis as a consultant!

WM: Whaddya think my name is..Bill Clinton? Nah..this monkey looks out for his part of the jungle, FF.

FF: Glad to hear it. I guess with that, we ought to say goodbye, for now.

WM: Yeah, take it easy everybody! You too, FF.

FF: Will do, Monkey. be good Y'all..and remember, love's in short supply, so create some for yourself this weekend!

WM: Hey, I thought that was my line! See you around, FF.

FF: Bye, Weekend Monkey. Stay strong...


Anonymous said...

I enjoy these exchanges so much. Weekend Monkey should swing around here more often.

Anonymous said...

if i were ff, i'd choose whom i call close personal friends more carefully.
you got buckets of credibility around here, but kissing up to monkey boy?????