Monday, September 24, 2007

Duncan Hunter: `Cut Off All Federal Funds To Columbia"

The magnificent Duncan Hunter strikes again, in a statement issued today:

"To host the leader of Iran when he supports terrorists that are moving deadly roadside bombs across the Iraqi border to be used against American troops is a slap in the face for the entire 165,000 men and women in Iraq and to those that have served before them."

"If President Lee Bollinger follows through with this hosting of the leader of Iran, I will move in Congress to cut off every single type of Federal Funding to Columbia University. If the left-wing leaders of academia will not support our troops, they, in the very least, should not support our adversaries."

The more I see and hear of Congressman Hunter, the better I like him....and just a reminder, he's running for President...


Anonymous said...

columbia doesn't even allow ROTC on its campus. Shouldn't its federal funds been cut long before?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
What you're talking about, I think, is the Solomon Amendment which bars schools from receiving federal funds if they do not allow ROTC and/or military recruiters access.

And yes,based on that funds should have been cut a long time ago.