Saturday, September 15, 2007

US Shocked And Surprised: Hezbollah Smuggling Arms Into Lebanon!

I mean, how could they? There was a UN resolution...

"We find the evidence to be strong that arms smuggling is continuing across the Syrian-Lebanese border," Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman was quoted as telling the AFP, without going into details. "We are concerned by the reports and by the public statements by Hezbollah that Hezbollah has actively rearmed. In our view this poses one of the biggest dangers to Lebanon and it is a violation of the spirit and the letter of a number of Security Council resolutions."

This has been going on for months right under the noses of UNIFIL and it's just now getting noticed? Puh-leeze.

Here's the real story. Lebanon has been cooperating with Hezbollah to get the arms across the border from Iran and Syria

The Siniora regime in Lebanon has basically acceded to Syria and Iran's demands to break with the US and the West. Siniora is absolutely scared witless of another heavy duty firefight along the lines of what just happened with Jihad-al Islam, a good chunk of the army has more loyalty to the Shiite militias of Hezbollah or Amal tan they do to `Lebanon', and for that matter, the the Syrian army is sitting in a fortified enclave in the Bek'aa Valley in Hezbollah territory just inside the Syria/Lebanon border.

All of this, plus what happened to Pierre Gamayel recently has been a clear message to Fuad Siniora that he could be taken out any time Syria and Iran want, especially with Syria's proxy Michael Aoun waiting in the wings to take over. So Siniora's cooperating....if Syraia's Basher Assad says sing, Siniora says `Name that tune.'

As for UNIFIL, their main occupation involves chasing Lebanese women, hanging out in the cafes and making sure not to see anything they're not supposed to.

The reasons Syria,Iran and Hezbollah set things up this way is because the US and possibly France would not countenance another outright Syrian takeover, and Israel might not countenance one by this way, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah get what they want without the bother of a takeover.

The main target,of course, is Israel. Now that Hezboillah has rearmed and Iran is shipping better, more accurate and deadly missiles to Hamas, Israel will be bracketed if it doesn't do something drastic very quickly.

And with Israel out of the picture, NATO's southern flank is exposed to the Iran/ Syrian axis..armed with missiles that can hit any part of Europe.

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