Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DREAM Act Defeated In The Senate!!

You did it!

The Senate rejected the DREAM Act yesterday, as the motion for clothure got 52 votes, eight short of the 60 needed.

A number of the Senators who voted against it had a little something in common..they are up for re-election next year. Among them was Max Baucus (D-MT), who faces an election next year.

He said the Dream Act was “huge, huge” issue in his home state.

“People are very upset, they’re outraged; it’s like amnesty, it’s virtually the same” he said after casting his `no' vote.

Mail, phone calls, and e-mail on the issue pouring into his office were “off the wall,” Baucus said.

Senators Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan from North Dakota also voted `no'.

Conrad said, "I was hearing, ‘wait a minute, this is more generous than what we’re doing for people who were born in this country.’ And it’s certainly commendable to want to give this kind of educational assistance to people. But how can you justify that when we don’t do it for people who were raised in our country?"

From North Dakotans, Conrad said, "What I hear is, ‘look, you’ve got to secure the border. That’s got to be priority number one.’"

Don't count on them getting the message anytime soon..we're going to have to keep on them.

Meanwhile, a high five to all Joshua's Army members who help overwhelm the politicians in Washington with your outrage....well done!


Always On Watch said...

I'm smiling.

We must rejoice in every victory, so as to become stronger in our resolve to defeat all those who desire to undermine our national sovereignty.

Rosey said...

FF, do you have the official tally? I want to confirm that the NJ scumbags again voted for shamnesty...