Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Has The Last Laugh

Does he ever!

You'll recall that the Senate Democrats tried to used a perfectly factual remark by Limbaugh on Jesse Macbeth and other `phony soldiers' to divert attention from their endorsement of MoveOn's outrageous 'Petraaues - Betray Us' ad. It was an unprecedented instance of sitting Congressmen hiding behind their congressional immunity to insult a private citizen for something he did not say, solely for political purposes.They even wrote and signed a letter to his employer, Mark Mays the CEO of Clear Channel calling for him to be disciplined and censured.

So what did El RushBo do? He put the original Harry Reid/Rush Limbaugh smear letter for sale on eBay!

Not only that, but the proceeds of the sale go to benefit a charity Rush Limbaugh himself has been fairly generous to in the past, the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation , which specializes in providing scholarship funds for children of serving personnel who are killed in the line of duty.

And the high bid as I write this is..hang on...$851,100!!

A superb example of turnabout..and one that was richly deserved.

UPDATE: The bidding is now over $2 million!!


Rosey said...

Wow!!! What an amazing story! Rush is just incredible. The winning bid was $2,100,100.00. The winner received positive feedback saying, "Fast payment, wonderful person to support the cause, thank you;" indicating that they followed through with closing the transaction the very same day the auction closed. How they moved that much money that fast I don't know. Rush really did have the last laugh, and one would hope the Dopey Dems are crying! Thanks for the great post!

Freedom Fighter said...

Did you know that Rush matched the winning bid with his own money?

Rosey said...

Wow again! I didn't know that. Didn't occur to me he was that loaded. He really scorched the Dems, they can't say anything now!