Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN's GOP U-Tube Debate...Plantin' For The Democrats

I still can't imagine why the Republican presidential candidates agreed to a YouTube debate....and one hosted by CNN, no less.

I could have predicted the results. The entire debate was set up to put the GOP candidates in a bad light and embarrass them, while pushing CNN's obvious agenda.

Michelle Malkin is on top of this with a vengeance, and reveals that out of 32 questions hand picked by CNN,a startling number derived from Democrat activists with links to Democrat's candidates armed with planted questions, who somehow got through CNN's alleged screening process.

Questions linked to the Confederate flag,gays in the military,race relations, abortion, the Bible and one video featuring what sounded like an over and under being cocked off screen concerning gun control were designed to trap the candidates on national TV and show them up as Fundamentalist, minority hating, gun toting homophobes.

The most egregious violation of any semblance of fairness came from gay ex-Brigadier General Keith Kerr,who not only was a prominent activist with Veterans For Kerry, but is on the gay and lesbian steering committee for Senator Clinton's campaign. Not only was his loaded question on gays in the military somehow picked out of all of the videos submitted, but Kerr just `happened' to be in the audience for a followup in which he was given extended time for what amounted to a grilling of the candidates by CNN and Anderson Cooper...without any on air mention of his ties to the Clinton campaign.

Other video questions were directly tied to the Obama and the Edwards campaign.Apparently CNN wants us to believe that they lack the capacity to use Google to do a simple search. Obviously they realize that they got caught at something fairly nasty, as they keep editing out - pruning, if you will - the planted questions in rebroadcasts of the debates.

The jury's out on whether Anderson Cooper, who's fairly reputable had a part in this. Joel Scarbourough and others are convinced he was in it, Glenn beck and others are convinced he wasn't.

It would be nice to get a statement one way or th eother from him, but then, I don't expect a man to spit in his own ricebowl.

CNN, on the other hand, owes the candidates and their viewers an apology,not that I'll be holding my breath waiting for it.

And the Democrats were complaining about Fox!


Anonymous said...

As unfair as this debate was, it's a credit to the Republicans that they did it. The Democrats just looked foolish and childish when they wouldn't appear on Fox.

Freedom Fighter said...

To you and I and others who are following this, perhaps. But this got very little press coverage an dmmost people have forgotten it.

This outrage will likely also get very little dino media coverage...but can you imagine the headlines if Fox had done this to the Democrats?