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Watcher's Council Nominations, 11/13/07

Every week, the Watcher's Council members nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week's Council nominations can be found at the site of our fearless leader, the infamous Watcher of Weasels

Do take the time and check out the non-Council links..they are always rewarding.

Here's this week's Council lineup....

1. JOSHUAPUNDIT:'Land For Peace', American Style There's an old Bob Marley song that come to mind, `Who Feels It, Knows It'. With the planned mugging of Israel Annapolis peace Conference planned for the end of this month, I thought it would be instructive to use my imagination and apply the 'land for peace' formula as presented to the Israelis to some other territory that certain people consider occupied.

2. Done With Mirrors:Behind The Anger Callimachus does a nice job on a particularly clueless so-called Brit journalist who wrote a sympathetic portrait of `Rage Boy', a Muslim Kashmiri terrorist groupie who's featured in pictures of a number of Islamo-rage riots.

3. Soccer Dad: Poverty And Terror, Again This week Soccer Dad take a scintillating look at the causes of terrorism, sparked by an Alan Krueger article in The American. Soccer Dad rightly concludes that `it's the indoctrination' rather than poverty, but one could simplify that by saying, truthfully, that it is the inherent `pass' given to this kind of `martyrdom' in a large chunk of mainstream Islam and the fueling of this ideology with petrodollars.

4. The Glittering Eye: Spotting The Unforeseen Secondary Effects Dave looks at the Hollywood writer's strike and what it could portend for new directions in media.

5. Bookworm Room: Racist Talk About Education Ms. Bookworm takes a very interesting look at the role of race - or more accurately, culture - in the disparate test scores and academic achievements on average between whites and Asians on the one hand and blacks and Latinos on the other. As in Soccer Dad's post on terrorism, it's the values you're raised with from an early age, the `indoctrination' you get that make the difference.

6. Rhymes With Right:School District & Cops Agree --Ignore The Law Greg takes umbrage at a particularly egregious instance of political correctness nullifying our immigration laws and makes a great point...that people who break our laws should feel a certain amount of fright and discomfort, and that "it is a it is a sign of mental and moral weakness to think that they should not be."

7.Colossus of Rhodey:John Edwards: The Biggest Phony in the Prez Race? Hube does not like Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards, as the title indicates. In this case, he spotlights a particularly revealing interview Edwards did with ex-Clintonista George Stephanopoulos.

8. Cheat Seeking Missiles: Here, Laer writes a fine post on the abysmal state of Hollywood today as it continues to make movies with a political axe to grind and make the films Americans Aren't Watching. The latest leftist dirigible to crash and burn is `Lions For Lambs', by all accounts a truly bad film as well as a piece of anti-US propaganda.

Laer muses on the state of Hollywood today,and sees Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11 as a watershed moment in Hollywood's leftist turn. I see it going back even further, to the Vietnam war when people like Jane Fonda escaped any punishment for their conduct during Vietnam, and perhaps even further, when one examines the family background of people like Sean Penn.

9. The Next Iron Chef vs Battle POTUS by Okie On The Lam This week, Okie uses the `Iron Chef' TV competition to draw some hilarious (and quite astute) observations about the current presidential race and some of its aspirants.

10. Right Wing Nuthouse: Dennis Kucinich-- A Merry Prankster Rick takes the occasion of Congressman Dennis Kucinich presenting impeachment article on VP Cheney as evidence of Kucinich's derangement, and has some fun at his expense.

While he's correct about the silliness of the impeachment articles - if the Democrats had any chance of nailing Cheney or Bush, they would have gone after them long ago - I confess to a sneaking regard for Kucinich. I disagree with him on almost everything, but I respect him as an honest Democrat and a man of principle...something that can't really be said for most of his party's leaders.

11.The Education Wonks:Foreign Students In America: They're Back EdWonk notes the resurgence in the enrollment of foreign students in our universities, especially from Asia.

12. Big Lizards: Iraq In The Balance--Will The Shia Prosecute Their Own? Big Lizards writes about the progress in Iraq and speculates that political progress there depends on the majority Shiites governing by other than tribal criteria.

That's this week's lineup..enjoy!

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