Saturday, November 24, 2007

Watcher's Council Results for 11/23/07

The Council has spoken! A complete list of results can be found at the site of our fearless leader, the infamous Watcher of Weasels

My apologies to my fellow Council members...this should have been posted earlier but the holiday got in the way.

There was actually a tie between two great entries this week, and as per council rules the Watcher broke the tie.

This weeks' winner is:
Cheat Seeking Missiles:Charting A New course In Iraq Messaging Laer's well written iece on many Democrat's defeatist agenda and how they are now trying to spin things due to the success in Iraq.

In second place was Bookworm Room: Prophets In A Freudian Age Bookworm's fascinating post that looks at the prophets of the major religions and how they might have fared in our modern age.

For non-Council, the winner was The Van Der GaliĆ«n Gazette A fine post that examines what the write refers to as ‘Europe’s irrationality’ - the habit of Europeans to attack, insult and work against their closest allies and friends.

In second place for non-Council, another tie between:

Cracked.Com:The Ultimate War Simulation Game Which is about what it sounds like.

Hearty Kudos to all the winners!

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