Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Monkey On Politics: The Real Banana, 11/19/07

Hideeho, Primates! Welcome to this week's Real Banana.

This week, the big howl in the political jungle is: who's got more testosterone, Shrillery or Obama yo' mama?

Based on the Dem shootout in Vegas, I'd have to go with Shrillery.

First of all, it looks like that little shank Wolfie Blitzer took the warning from the Shrillery campaign seriously and turned into a freakin' poodle. I mean, can you believe this garbage? I was half expecting him to bend down and massage Shrillery's feet between each question!

Shrillery, for her part came out swinging. After the last debate, where she was caught on national TV saying two different things in the space of about three minutes, she probably figured the best defense was a good offense. She was particularly good at whacking Obama around.

Obama came out looking like a stumbling fool.
When it comes to making dumbass quotes to his pals in the media and he has a chance to rehearse first, he can get by, but stick him on any situation where he's not sure what's coming and has to think fast and he comes across like a retard gibbon ape trying to scramble after two peanuts at once!

I mean, you can almost see the wheels turn.

Speaking of which, Chris Dodd, of all people came across as actually half way together for once. Musta gotten hold of some ibogaine or something...whooo!

And Bill Richardson once again put in another bid for the vice presidential nod by doing his bit to run interference for Shrillery and yakking about the personal attacks on her by the others. What a tool!

Now, Obama's latest little trick is to whine to Clinton not to `swiftboat' him! I mean, how pathetic can you get?

This latest rumble started when columnist Bob Novak ran an item in his column that the Clinton campaign had access to information about a secret scandal concerning Obama Yo' Mama and were waiting for the right time to release it. So what does Obama do? Buy it totally and start whining about it!

Now, Novak is an odious little toad, primates...but he's been moldering in DC a long time, and he knows people. And he's sticking by his story.

Shrillery, of course denied everything and said, essentially, that Obama Yo' Mama was out of his pea picken' mind, and just mouthing the talking points of the Great Rightwing Machine. So once again , Obama came out looking like an idiot.

Now, the funny part about all this is that there's plenty of dirt on Shrillery, even if a lot of it is still hidden in the Clinton library under lock and key.

But neither Obama or any of the other primates have what it takes to fling the poop right back at her.

Believe me, if this monkey had ever been allowed in these debates, you would have seen plenty of that...and Id likely be the Democrat front runner right now.

Think about it primates...every one of these clowns, including Shrillery was scared of Weekend Monkey! Can you imagine them running the country?


louielouie said...

fling the poop right back at her.

Believe me, if this monkey had ever been allowed in these debates, you would have seen plenty of that

.....suuuuure we would, becuse monkey boy would be standing hip deep in it!!!!!

every one of these clowns, including Shrillery was scared of Weekend Monkey!

you would be too, chimpy, if you ever looked in a mirror.

hey, monkey boy, i got a campaign you can cover, or better yet, enter. ff wrote an essay about it. pakistan. they are supposedly going to have what passes for an election in that so-called country. that's the place for you. i'll even buy you a one-way ticket, so you don't have to get in one of those little boxes and ride down below with the other PETS.

.........i can't understand why ff calls this loser ""a close personal friend".............

Weekend Monkey said...

Hey, Deadbeat...the ticket would likely be as bogus as that check you sent my campaign. Who makes those checks for you,anyway? Voight? Superball? Spaulding?

I least this time you spelled all the words in your hate message correctly. You get a brain transplant or something?

If you can't appreciate cutting edge political commentary, bite the rotten banana.

Just to go out a limb, what would you be saying if I was the Donkey frontrunner, loser?

You'd be sucking up to me and kissing my tail end like mandrill in heat, wouldn't you?

louielouie said...

hate message

oh no.