Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekend Monkey's The Real Banana, 11/04/07

Hideeho primates! I'm back and I'm all yours! This marks the return of my Real Banana commentary..and this time around, I'll be focusing mainly on the jungle of Campaign 2008, a jungle I know the rich aroma of first hand.

Dem frontrunner Hillary Clinton has a new campaign video out called `The Politics of Pile on', in which she boo hoos like a widdle girl about all the mean men actually having the nerve to criticize her when she trips over her own hoofs in lies and doublespeak:

This is one pathetic piece o' you know what. Wasn't Hillary the big proponent of feminism, the one who constantly trumpeted as `the smartest woman in America? Hey just take a gander on what those mean men caught her out on:

Live,on camera Primates...saying one thing and then the direct opposite a coupla minutes later.

"Ooh I think it's a great idea, unless you're against which case I'm with you 100%!'

And these clowns didn't want me in the debates because they said I wasn't a `serious candidate'! Whooo!

Even funnier is when she got her ex-President hubby to diss Tim Russert and the other Dems and complain that Shillery wasn't being `secretive' even though gobs of her documents relating to the time when she was co-primate-in-chief are still classified and hidden in Clinton's presidential library until after the election.

Smells like Tarzan, swings like Jane, primates.

I gotta say this..if Hillary is too `sensitive' to weather this level of poop, what is she planning to do if she becomes president? Claim`piling on' when the nasty stuff starts flying? Cry about being an itsy bitsy widdle girlie tater tot to Putin or the Iranians?

And the funny thing is that Hillary is probably the most macho, chest thumping primate in the whole Dem slate, now that I'm out of the race...which says something, I think.

The other big news was Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Giuliani for President.

Why is anybody surprised?

Robertson is one cagy political animal - and Giuliani looks re-al good for getting the Repub nomination just now. Clowns like Dobson have already gotten axed from the Giuliani circus, and if Rudy wins, Robertson is in like an orangutan in a banana grove. If Giuliani falls by the wayside, Robertson has enough clout to make his endorsement well worthwhile to whoever gets the nod,so he can always endorse someone else and kick Giuliani to the curb.

One of the reasons Giuliani looks so good to a lot of people,by the way, is that he's looking like Bush's understudy as the next big Lefty hate target. Things are getting to the point in those circles where you can just envision the spittle at the corners of the mouth and the veins throbbing whenever the subject of Giuliani as president comes up.

And it's not just the Left. My pal FF told me that the Saudi government English language paper The Arab News ran an editorial calling Giuliani the Middle East's `worst nightmare', that al-Watan referred to him as a `zionist stooge', and the people over at CAIR and the MPAC are livid at the idea of him in the White House.

Interesting how the Leftys and the jihadi symphathizers have the same idea about the guy..kinda makes you wonder.

In this jungle,you're known by your enemies as well as by your friends.

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Anonymous said...

I'm back and I'm all yours!

i'll be making this comment using a full cover computer condom.
thank gawd FF put chimp boy's ramblings on thursday night.

In this jungle,you're known by your enemies as well as by your friends.

then you know where i line up don't you babboon boy????

the only reason i could possibly have for even entertaining the idea of being glad to see chimpy back at J/P would be that my worst fear will not be realized and the stoooopid monkey doesn't attempt an independent bid. and from the sound of his sour grapes essay i don't think he'll be getting any calls to be hillary's pri-mate come election time.
now if chimpy really wanted to make an essay worth reading/discussing, he would start talking about who would be hillary's running mate. the only person i could see would be bill.
but he would suck all the oxygen out of the room any time they were together. the camera would always be on him. something that bill and monkey boy have in common.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I can spell baboon correctly, you can't and I'm a stupid monkey? It is to laugh, loser.

It's primates like you that keep this monkey going.

As for Shillery's ticket mate, you got it half right, which fits since you're a half wit, primate.

My prediction is that she goes with Bill ..Richardson.

He's not too bright, easily confused, a loyal clintonista and most of all Hispanic. All he has to do is hit the campaign trail habbling in espanol to attract a nice piece of that vote.

And, like ff said, why do you think both Shillery and Richardson are both pushing driver's licenses, and the accompanying mandatory motor-voter registration for illegals?