Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama's Spiritual Mentor In Action `G-d Damn America'

The `Reverend' Jeremiah Wright in action,talkin' `bout them white devils and how Jesus was a poor black man and not one of those evil Joooos.

I can see why Obama's spiritual mentor likes Farrakhan so much..there's maybe a dime's worth of difference between them.

Barack Hussein Obama always claims to be a Christian,even to the extent of lying about his early Muslim background,but if this his idea of what Christianity is, I doubt it..particularly when you read his books and see how he salivates over his father and brother's fundamentalist Muslim beliefs while demonizing fundamentalist Christians.

Y'know,Obama may claim not to be a racist or a Jew hater personally...but a lot of people he respects, a lot of the people he hangs out worth certainly are. And as far as I'm concerned,that sends me a message. Here's just three of them....

With racist and demagoge Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Cuddlin' up with race pimp and anti-Semite Al Sharpton

Breaking bread at a Palestinian fund raiser with terrorist apologist Edward Said and spouse.

Starting to get the picture?

So, riddle me this...if he were a white Republican and hung out with the likes of David Duke and called Tom Metzger his spiritual mentor,would the Obama-ites,especially all those white lefty Jews give him a pass?

Somehow, I doubt it.

W A K E U P, A L R E A D Y !


Anonymous said...

perhaps, it is ff who should wake up.
ask yourself this question;
who amongst the hussein supporters gives a da-n about this?
who amongst the hussein supporters agrees with this opinion?
ok, that's two questions.
you are writing about his spiritual mentor. who are his political mentors?
william ayers & bernadine dohrn.
so, do you really think this matters to anyone who is a hussein supporter?
contrary to what you may believe, i do read other blogs. there is this statement at one of them:
The President is not my President or your President - he/she is/will be our Preisdent.
This is an election, the other side is not the enemy.

that is the conservative viewpoint. it is not shared by the other side. this is simply class warfare. it is not about any issue(s). this election is going to be seinfeldian in nature. it is about nothing. it doesn't matter what issue mccain speaks of, that is not the issue. because the issue doesn't matter. ask any hussein supporter about the change, and you will get no reply. the change is from a capitalist form of economy to socialism. it is elect a communist at all costs. and the hussein people are eating this up.
ask yourself this question;
can what happened in venezuela happen here?
you are watching it unfold.
while all the political pundits were talking about how the populations were growing in red states, they failed to see just how far left the left was moving. perhaps mr. heinz-kerry's loss in 2004 was due to the fact he was not far enough left. this is where america is right now and it doesn't matter about any of the people around hussein, because that is not the issue. there are not any issues because the issues don't matter. that is the issue. and while rush and all the other self important pundits are dissing mccain as the republican nominee, the hussein people are deciding on place settings for the inaugural dinner.
perhaps ff should view this from a different perspective.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
As for political mentors,you forgot Saul Alinsky and Malcolm X.

Alinsky was also one of Hillary's early mentors.

Anonymous said...

Alinsky considered Hillary a terrific "organizer" and wanted her to become his protege. She declined. She had bigger fish to fry. She learned her lessons well. She and Bill have employed Alinsky's tactics probably better than anyone else.

....maybe, but maybe not as well as hussein..........

Anonymous said...

after reading several other links about alinsky, i have come to the conclusion that alinsky would be proud of our eternal friends the saudi royal family.