Sunday, March 16, 2008

US Attacks Compound In Pakistan

According to al-Reuters, a suspected US air strike took out a number of jihadis today in a compound identified as an al-Qaeda hideout in Dhoog village near Wana, the largest town in al-Qaeda's haven in Pakistan’s South Waziristan province near the Afghan border.

The death toll is estimated by al-Reuters as nine,but other sources put it as high as sixteen. An unnamed Pakistani official said that it was an American plane that fired precision-guided missiles at the house, not one of the US drones..which is a huge change from the norm, so the intel must have been fairly solid:

Four missiles were fired at the house in Shahnawaz Kheil Dhoog, a village near the town of Wana in the South Waziristan region on the Afghan border, just after 3 p.m. (1000 GMT), the intelligence official said.

"It was apparently an American plane that fired precision guided missiles at the house," the official, who requested not to be identified, told Reuters.

Three foreigners, an Arab and two Turkmen, were among those killed, according to the intelligence official.

Villagers put the death toll at 18.

"Except the boundary walls, the house has been destroyed," said a senior district government official who declined to be identified.

"The place has been used for some time as a militant hideout," he said.

The attack came a day after a Turkish woman was killed and five Americans were among 11 people wounded in a bomb attack at a restaurant popular with foreigners in the capital, Islamabad.

A spokesman for Pakistani Taliban militants claimed responsibility for the Islamabad bomb, the latest in a surge of attacks that began in July after troops stormed a radical mosque complex in Islamabad.

Nice shootin' boys. Keep up the good work.

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