Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations, 3/04/04

Every week, the Watcher's Council members nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week's Council nominations can be found at the site of our fearless leader, the infamous Watcher of Weasels

Do take the time and check out the non-Council links..they are always rewarding.

Here's this week's lineup:

Why Don't Jews Like Christians Who Like Them? Joshuapundit - Hooo, did I get some e-mails on this one! Noted evangelical thinker Dr. James Q. Wilson asked the question in the title, wondering why so many Jews demonize evangelical Christians who admire them as a people and provide such rock solid support for Israel. I attempted to answer it, delving into a bit of history in the bargain. Here's a hint - it's about politics, not religion.

This Is a 'Moderate Voice?' Done With Mirrors -Callimachus takes on lefty blogger the Moderate Voice over his paen to communist Cuba.

Ending the War in Iraq The Glittering Eye - Dave looks at the logical fallacies of the Left's reasoning on withdrawing prematurely from Iraq.

Where Have All the Male Teachers Gone? Rhymes With Right - Greg does a first hand job of relating why.

The Dershowitz Questions Wolf Howling - GW examines an Alan Dershowitz piece in the WSJ that asks - `just how do you fight a death cult'?

The Fine Art of Flying (with the president) Soccer Dad has an interesting piece that focuses on Bob Geldorf's observations on President Bush in Africa.

Rape Bookworm Room - as part of what I call The War Against Males in American society (and particularly in academia)definitions and accusations of things like rape and sexual harrassment generally have become used as political weapons. Ms. Bookworm writes on this theme, using a piece by Heather McDonald as a jump off point.

The Rape of Rape On American Campuses Cheat Seeking Missiles - Laer likewise mines the same rich territory, and makes the case for a new definition of `gray rape' as opposed to forcible rape or drug rape.

Exchange Student Woes The Colossus of Rhodey -Hube looks at the story of an American exchange student in Egypt who was literally starving to death and gives us a charming memoir of his own exchange student days in Costa Rica.

Chicago Rules Big Lizards - Daffyd has an interesting retrospective on the bare knuckle political career of The Chosen One Barack Hussein Obama.

Why We Don't Give Money To The American Red Cross The Education Wonks - EdWonks has a problem with the Red find out why,inquire within.

The Terrorism Conundrum for Democrats Right Wing Nut House - How can the Democrats attack the GOP for bringing up the terrorism issue as fear-mogering an dyet discuss national security themselves without being accused of the same thing? Rick examines this particular Gordian Knot.


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