Friday, May 09, 2008

Lebanon: Siniora To Resign?

According to Iran's Press TV - Lebanon's PM Fuad Siniora is 'to step down late Friday' in exchange for Hezbollah ending the fighting and assign the army to take over until a transitional government is formed.

That means General Suleiman, Hezbollah's ally, would be in charge of the country, with all that entails.

In a conflicting statement, Druse Leader Walid Jumblatt was emphatic that Siniora won't resign.

Either way, it looks like Lebanon is set to become Hezbollahstan.

To give you an idea of how powerless the US has allowed itself to become in this sorry situation,check out this quote from State Department spokesmouth Sean McCormack at a press conference today:

"A lot of diplomacy is by remote control. We don't have as much influence as others with some of these States." {...}

While he pledged that the US would `stand by Lebanon', he ruled out any kind of military aid for the Siniora government...which means that any such `pledge' is worthless.

And finally, McCormack came out with something I'm surprised he was able to get out without busting out laughing:

"We have confidence in the judgment and the decision-making of the government as well as the army," McCormack said. "The army is acting in a professional manner. They are under the control of the government."

Except that the government is powerless against Hezbollah's muscle,and the head of the army, General Suleiman is a Hezbollah tool who already refused to follow Siniora's orders!

Chalk up another victory in the Middle East for Dubbya and Condi...


Anonymous said...

While he pledged that the US would `stand by Lebanon', he ruled out any kind of military aid for the Siniora government...

but we will support, militarily, the muslims of kosovo........
hey pelosi, hows that impeachment thingy coming...........

Anonymous said...

Lebanon is lost if it falls in the hands of Hezbollah & Iran - It will probably only lead to an other round with Israel.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
Trust me Bush isn't going to be impeached. If they had anything, they would have done it long ago.

Ma na mim, Shimson? There 's going to be another round with Israel regardless.

Let's just pray that Olmert, Barak and Livni aren't making any decisions when it happens.

All Best,