Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Real Banana On Politics With Weekend Monkey, 5/04/08

FF: Once again,it's time to swing through the rancid political jungle with JoshuaPundit's own political guru and former Democratic Presidential Candidate, my pal Weekend Monkey.

WM: Hideyho,Primates!Whaddup, FF!

FF: Nice to see you again Monkey. Well, it's primary time again. So far,your track record on picking the winners remains almost impeccable. What's going on with the Donkeys?

WM: Let's face it...after the Rev Wright thing, Obama looks like an idiot except to the True Believers. I mean, he always was an idiot, if a well scripted one, but now it's a lot more obvious.I mean, did you see Obama Yo' Mama at that press conference? Talk about lame-o!That's what happens to him without a script and a teleprompter.

FF: The chickens coming home to roost,I call it...

WM: Very clever, FF. Okay, I'll give you this much. The party's pretty divided right now, and it's pretty much a problem with Shrillery and Obama Yo' Mama pandering to different groups.

FF: Exactly. The Dems reaping the harvest of years of racial and identity politics. As far as I'm concerned, that stuff was wrong to begin with.

WM: Hey, it's politics, not Ethics 101. I mean,to tell you the truth I think there's a significant number of Democrats who really aren't that wild about either candidate,so they'll support whoever ticks them off the least. At least in the primaries.

FF: Too bad you didn't manage to stay in the race. So, you think some of these people might go for McCain in the general?

WM:Could be, FF. Unless the Dems do a great job of painting him as Bush II. Eeech!

FF: Did you see where Bush's poll ratings are down into the thirties and high twenties?

WM: Hee hee,yeah! Any lower and people might start throwing things at him on the street..but remember,FF,he's not running and the grumpy old guy is.

FF: Very true, Monkey. So, what do you think is happening next? I want some numbers..

WM: OK...on Indiana,I'm laying on Shrillary to take it by 5 plus, and it could be as much as 7 points. Indiana's a heavy union state, and the Donkeys there are mostly blue collar white. They will go for Shrillary bigtime, especially in the southern part of the state and in the northern cities. Obama Yo' Mama will get the black vote in the northwest corner of the state closest to Chicago, downtown Indy, the upscale suburbs and the college votes at Indiana U. It won't be enough.

Obama will probably take North Carolina by about the same percentage with about the same constituency...blacks, upscale whites and college leftys. The black vote is just a much higher percentage of the electorate in NC.

FF: And after that?

WM: We'll see. If things go like I say, Obama Yo' Mama is hurting.

FF: Do you see Hillary getting the nomination? I don't. I think the Donkeys would rather go over the cliff with Obama rather than risking alienating black voters and George Soros' money.

WM:Oh,I think you're right there, FF. Who knows, if black voters really started thinking about it, they might start thinking for themselves about how the Democrats take them for granted and and that would not be a good thing. On the other hand if Obama Yo' Mama gets the nod, you might kiss a lot of the white blue collar votes, the Catholics, the Hispanics and probably a fair amount of the Jewish vote goodbye in `08.

But if you're right, and Shrillary is toast no matter what, why do you think she's staying in?

FF: Oh we talked about this before, Monkey. McCain will be a one term president if he's elected, but if Obama slithers in he's going to run for two terms. So if Hillary damages Obama to the point where he loses in November, she can say 'see, I told you so' and have a clear field for 2012.

Of course, Hillary would never be that devious. Didn't she just say she'd work her heart out for Obama if he gets it? Why would she lie?

WM: Hee hee oooh stop FF! Yer killin' me! OK,'s like I told you a long time ago. The superdelegates are gonna decide this. I give Shrillary at best a three to one shot against at getting the nomination. But then, my Democrats are gonna have to figure out how to position him against McCain. The only way they really can do that is to attack McCain like a horde of angry baboons in a turf war. It will get nasty.

FF: You're probably right on that one,Monkey.Soros and MoveOn have already earmarked $40 million to attack him, and the ads are running already.

WM: Talk about coming home to roost! McCain-Feingold...The grumpy old guy was yakkking about running a civil campaign. How do you think that's going to affect him?

FF: McCain's a fighter, Monkey. Once he sees what the Donkeys are willing to do to grab the White House, don't be surprised if he lets loose with both barrels.

WM: I thought that was more of a Cheney thing...

FF:Gee, you come up with that one all by yourself? By the way, Monkey, before we wrap things up,I understand you're working on an exclusive for us.

WM: You betcha, FF. It'll be up absolutely killer interview,conducted in the unmatched Real Banana style.

FF:OK,pal. I guess with that,we'll wind it up for now.

WM: See ya, FF. Smell ya later, primates!


louielouie said...

i'm just curious about something.
i'm glad ff posted monkey boy's interview yesterday as opposed to today.
cinco de mayo.
i figure by now chimpy is, how would you say, falling down drunk, or would that be falling out of the tree drunk.
can monkey boy, domesticated as he tries to pass hisself off as, even climb a tree?
baboon boy would probably show up for the interview and hurl on poor ff computer.
i'm just glad that the mexican festival, even though most mexicans i know don't even know why the gringos celebrate it, are not the occasion of beheadings or homicide bombings, car-b-ques, and such. like some religious holidays are celebrated these days.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
Nice to see you've been lurking around...good to hear from you.

As far as why non-Mexicans would celebrate a Mexican need an excuse to gulp down margaritas or Dos Equis?

The real partying went down over the weekend. Let's just say that Monday was a relatively light traffic day for a Monday here in L.A.

As for Weekend Monkey, he's already done the interview and is in the process of editing it, and its an exclusive the entire blogosphere will he manages to get this stuff I don't know, any more than I can fathom his uncanny ability to analyze and predict election results.

But that's why he's JoshuaPundit's poitical guru, Louie...


Nightcrawler said...

LOL... That's some good analysis right there...

I think Hillary's going to get the nod in the end... I don't think the superdelegates are going to look past trying to win against McCain... Either way, it's a hoot to watch!

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nightcrawler!

Weekend Monkey is impeccable as far as political predictions go..he even predicted Hillary and McCain to win in NH, the order everyone finished and the winning margins.

I kind of agree with the Monkey on this one..the Dems needs George Soros' money, the nutroots an dthe black vote to it'll be Obama.

And remember, the supers need access to Obama's data base for fundraising.

As you say, it's a hoot to watch.

All Best,