Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is Obama Losing The Healthcare War?

Barack Obama has wagered an enormous amount of his political capital and prestige on his latest attempt to socialize America, his so-called healthcare reform. It's too soon to tell, but the Prevaricator-in-Chief may have finally overreached himself.

As Americans find out more about what the bill actually entails more and more of them want absolutely no part of it. Scott Rasmussen puts the numbers at 53% opposed and increasing with 44% in favor - and dropping.Zogby's numbers are even more telling: 52% opposed versus 40% in favor. And while he's not nearly as accurate or together as Scott Rasmussen, Zogby's numbers indicate a solid consensus. And remember, Zogby oversamples for Democrats, usually by at least 15% or more.

They're beginning to understand that ObamaCare means huge tax increases, a major addition to the already swollen deficit and ultimately, rationing.

It's significant that this realization has taken place in spite of ABC's fawning coverage of the issue from the White House and the largely uncritical media.

Obama has shown by his behavior how much he has invested in foisting this on the American people. He took the step of actually bribing/threatening the AMA to get their support. And when the head of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office went public with the fact that the emperor has no clothes, Obama summoned him to the White House for a little Chicago-style chat to convince him that the emperor was at least wearing briefs or a tee shirt and he should cease and desist - in itself an astonishing abuse of executive power.

And Obama is using every bit of leverage, pressure and bribery he can to try and get this pushed through as quickly as possible before the August recess, before people actually have a chance to read what's being foisted on them just as he did with the 'stimulus' and cap n' tax. That's the sure sign of a desperate salesman, as anyone who's ever dealt with one knows:

"We're using every single lever that we can to get our message across," said senior adviser David Axelrod. That includes presidential visits this week to two hospitals, a trip to Cleveland for a town-hall meeting and a conference call urging bloggers to motivate their followers.

Of course, Joshua's Army members already know all about those conference calls. Imagine, these are the same people who once accused right wing bloggers and talk show hosts of getting talking points and marching orders from the GOP and the White House!

Obama has also mobilized the state rum media, especially after South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint asserted that the healthcare debacle would be Obama's Waterloo if it failed. Just watch talking head and Obamabot Matt Lauer interview Senator DeMint:

LAUER: But, but sticking to health care reform, let, let me, you know, give you your own words here. You, you were addressing the group Conservatives for Patients Rights about the health care debate and you said quote, "If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him." Now are you rallying conservatives to the cause of health care reform? Or are you rallying conservatives to the cause of breaking a president?

DEMINT: Oh, we need to put the brakes on this President. He's been on a spending spree since he took office. And we need health care reform. Unfortunately, when the President was in the Senate, I've probably offered more health care reform proposals than anyone in the Senate. And the President voted against every proposal that would have made health insurance more available and more affordable to people. His goal seems to be a government takeover, not making insurance more available. So I do think we need to stop the President on this. We need to stop his policy, because if we allow him to continue to ram things through Congress before we even get a chance to read them.


DEMINT: Matt, I just brought one of the bills this morning. I mean, if you look at this bill, it's one of the three bills that we're gonna have to look at.

LAUER: It's a complicated issue. There are a lot of details in that bill.

DEMINT: Well why do we need to pass it in two weeks before we go home in August?

LAUER: Well that's, that's a good question. And I'm gonna get to that in a second. But, but the words you chose were very specific. "It could be his Waterloo, it could break this President." I, I guess the obvious question is, it wouldn't break your heart if you break this President, would it?

DEMINT: Well, again, it's not personal, but we've got to stop his policies, Matt. The policies are not matching up to the promises. They're loading trillions of dollars of debt onto the American people. And the thing is we need real health care reform. I've introduced proposals that would help individuals own their own health insurance policies if they don't get it at work.

LAUER: Right.

DEMINT: There are a lot of ways to do this without a government takeover and a government plan.

LAUER: And I read, I read some of your plan. You wrote it in an op-ed, and I, and I did read that, and would encourage people to go see that. Is the deadline dead, Senator?

DEMINT: It appears to be, and I hope it is. And that's what I mean, the Senate is supposed to be the body that deliberates and debates and actually reads bill, bills. You know, I hear that more than anything else, as I go around the country. Why don't you guys read the bills before you pass them? There are a lot of things in these bills that are gonna alarm the American people. I'm afraid the President knows that. He wants to push it through before we're able to take a look at what's really in it. And that shouldn't happen in Congress. This doesn't take effect for four years, Matt. We don't need to pass it in two weeks. It's 20 percent of the American economy.

LAUER: Right.

DEMINT: It's one of the most personal issues that we deal with as Americans. The government shouldn't take it over and we shouldn't pass a bill in two weeks.

( hat tip to Geoffrey Dickens at NewsBusters)

Apparently even a number of Democrat legislators are balking at the push to ram this through so quickly.

What Obama desperately doesn't want people to think about is that 90% of all Americans are currently covered by insurance. Obama's scam will cover, supposedly, another 7%.

The bottom line that we're spending well over a trillion dollars we don't have, raising taxes on working Americans and putting private insurers out of business (and their employees out of work) and destroying our entire existing healthcare system in order to move from 90% to 97% coverage. And that 7% includes young people who've decided they think they don't need health insurance, as well as a lot of illegal aliens.

Prez Zero plans a special infomercial slash press conference tonight to try and seal the deal. And Nancy Pelosi has vowed that this is going to be rammed down out throats whether we like it or not.

Don't be fooled. This isn't about 'healthcare reform' but about Obama and the Democrats controlling 20% of the US economy for their political agenda. It remains to be seen whether they get away with it.

Call, fax and e-mail your congressman. Especially, call the local offices and let them know that if they pass this, not only will you not vote to re-elect them but you're going to be working actively for their opponents.

Enough, dammit. I don't want this to be Obama's Waterloo so much as I want it to be 'Bamma's Last Stand...but I'll settle.


B.Poster said...

This would be truly amazing if he actually loses this one. Its especially amazing when considered that the media is constantly shilling for his plan.

George W. Bush wagered much of his political capital on social security reform and lost. In his case, the media was diametrically opposed to his plan. This at least partially explains why his ideas never got off the ground.

In Obama's case, he has the media fully behind his plan yet it seems large numbers of people are opposed to his idea of health care reform. Perhaps more Americans are getting their information from sources other the main stream media now.

sweets said...

ya obama losing the health care war and thats true...