Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hamas rejects Fatah shot gun wedding bid

For months, the Egyptians have been midwifing attempts to get the two Palestinian mob factions to kiss and make up. The west has been pushing this to facilitate a Palestinian state, and people like the current occupant of the White House have the downright crazy idea that Hamas would suddenly become legitimized as an acceptable 'peace partner' to pump up with aid after signing a little piece of paper just like Arafat and the PLO did.And for the Arabs, Hamas signing on to an agreement it has no intention of keeping anyway would present a united front against Israel.

Credit where credit is due...Hamas has the integrity to remain true to its goals:

The Syrian-based leadership of Hamas said Thursday it has rejected an Egyptian-mediated proposal to reconcile with Fatah.

Hamas and seven other Damascus-based Palestinian factions issued a joint statement saying the reconciliation plan must be revised to include a reference to the Palestinian right to resist Israeli occupation.

"The wording submitted by Cairo to the factions makes no reference to the struggle [with Israel] and the aggression against our people," the statement said, adding the groups wouldn't sign the proposal unless it was amended.

'Struggle' in Hamas lingo means terrorist violence and the continued War Against the Jews until Israel no longer exists.Just like 'The Martyr's Oath' in their charter says.

I admire that kind of clarity and honesty.

It simplifies things, although people who still cling to the fantasy of a 'two state solution' have trouble seeing what's in front of their eyes.

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