Monday, October 05, 2009

How Unpatriotic Of Me!

The Left has its collective panties in a knot over how unpatriotic people like me are because we found it highly amusing that that the IOC pimp slapped Barack Obama for his efforts to land the 2016 Olympics for Chicago.

And Lefty shill Glenn Thrush isn't the only one. To Amanda Terkel over at Think Progress and Chuckles the Clown over at Little Green Footballs we were - wait for it - voting against America!

So, now it's 'unpatriotic' to diss a sitting president who decided to grease out from under his responsibilities to go on a $10 million dollar plus roadtrip on the taxpayer's dime in order to try to give his Chicago political homies a payoff of millions in graft by handing them the Olympics? Which half the people of Chicago didn't even want?

To give you and idea of how much they intended to make, Mayor Daley and the Boys in Chicago spent $50 million of the taxpayer's money to lobby for the 2016 Olympics.In terms of results, that works out to $3 mill per vote, a lot more per head than it costs to vote dead people and illegal aliens, hand out walking around money and stuff ballot boxes in Chi-Town during the normal elections these people are used to dealing with.

So, being revolted at the Chosen One's irresponsibility and ego and being glad that the greedy pirates he's in bed with lost this one is 'voting against America?'


I have a somewhat different view of the matter.

To me, voting against America is playing legislative games for political purposes with badly needed funding for troops under fire, regardless of how you might disagree with their commander in chief. Voting against America is publicly stating that 'the war is lost' while our troops are in the field. Being unpatriotic is slandering a commanding general in war time and treating him with a less respect than a stray dog during his attempt to brief Congress, something I seem to remember both Obama and our current Secretary of State being involved in, incidentally.

And I write this as someone who was not particularly fond of President Bush or the way the Iraq War was handled.

I wonder what these same folks would have said if President Bush went to Geneva on the taxpayer's dime to lobby for an Olympics in Houston to gift a financial bonanza to his political allies during war time, with a financial crisis underway?


Seems like what we have is a case of highly selective outrage here...but then, that's situation normal in these quarters.

Go sell that somewhere else, please.

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