Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Ideas To Help The Palestinians With Their Financial Woes

'Palestinian' unelected Prime Minister Selim Fayyad is claiming that the 'Palestinian' Authority is in desperate financial straits:

The Palestinian Authority is "fast approaching the point of being completely incapacitated" by Israel's refusal to hand over tax revenues belonging to the authority, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Thursday.

Israel's freeze on the taxes and fees it collects for the Palestinian Authority at borders has deprived the government of two-thirds of its normal revenue since Nov. 1, making it hard to pay salaries and fix infrastructure, Fayyad said.

"This is our money," he said. "It has nothing to do with donor assistance or anything like that."

Actually Selim, it is donor money, since all of 'Palestine's' infrastructure and the cost of its government has been derived from donor money ever since Oslo was signed at the beginning of one of the most successful con jobs in history . But aside from that, I sympathize. Who would of thought that the 'Palestinians' announcing Oslo was null and void and deliberately breaking the Oslo Accords and the Road Map they signed by unilaterally going to the UN would lead to such dire consequences!

Seeing as the Fatah ruled PA also gives a nice slice of the aid it receives to the genocidal Hamas and is now putting together a unity government with them, one could hardly expect Israel to finance its enemies, can one?

Nevertheless, the humanitarian in me feels compelled to offer some helpful suggestions to the 'Palestinian' Authority to help improve things:

  • Get Abbas and Fatah to use the $1.75 billion Palestine Investment Fund for the people that it was intended for. I'm sure Abbas and his cronies from the Fatah Old Guard would gladly want to replace the money they umm..'borrowed' for 'Palestine'. All Selim Fayyad probably needs to do is ask them and I'm certain they'll be more than willing to empty all those bank accounts in the EU and the Emirates and come across.

  • Right now, the 'Palestinian' Authority sends Sufa Arafat $100,000 per month to support her in her tony apartment in the best part of Paris. Perhaps she could learn to downgrade her lifestyle and live on a bit less.

  • Neither Jordan or Israel is going to attack 'Palestine'. A large part of the 'Palestinian' budget goes for 'security forces' many of whom are outright terrorists by any definition of the word whom belong to groups like the Tanzim and the al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade.One almost gets the impression that the large sums of money spent are more to protect Abbas and his cronies than the people they rule over,but of course that couldn't be true. Large cutbacks would seem to make sense.

  • The 'Palestinian' Authority payroll is crammed full of no-show jobs and people who get a paycheck for no discernible reason except they're connected to someone in the regime. When the Saudis gave their first financial aid to 'Palestine' they insisted on an audit and Fayyad found over 30,000 paychecks on the PA payroll going out to people that didn't exist before Abbas and the rest of the Fatah Old Guard made him stop. Even the World Bank admits that probably half of the donor money given to the 'Palestinians' ends up being, in the World Bank's words, 'diverted'. A complete audit would likely find millions of dollars worth of savings and money the PA could use elsewhere.

  • The 'Palestinian' Authority spends millions every month in generous salaries to jailed terrorists convicted in Israeli civilian courts of the most inhumane murders of civilians. Now, I realize that to Abbas and the 'Palestinians', people like the sniper who targeted and murdered 10-month-old Shalhevet Pas in her stroller or the two ghouls that butchered the Fogel family are Holy warriors. But it occurs to me that since their room and board is already paid for by the State of Israel, a great deal of money can be saved and used for more worthy purposes if these killers were axed from the payroll. Ditto with the money Fatah sends to Hamas every month, another savings..

    As a side benefit, doing this might even convince the Israelis that the 'Palestinians' aren't trying to encourage terrorism or make it pay for the perpetrators. Call it a sacrifice for peace,no?

  • As a matter of fact, along those lines here's another suggestion. Since the 'Palestinians' insist this money is theirs, they could encourage the Israelis to put these monies into a fund that would pay damages from civil judgments obtained in Israel's courts by Israeli victims of terrorism who have suffered property loss, lost loved ones or whom need lifetime medical care because of injuries suffered in things like homicide bombing perpetrated by the 'Palestinians'.

  • Think what a magnanimous and lovely gesture it would be on the part of the 'Palestinians' to suggest this or to at least acquiesce to it! It would cost them nothing since it's money they're not getting their hands on anyway, it would build good will among Israelis and world opinion and it would help make the impression that the bad old days of the 'Palestinians' committing and abetting terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians are a thing of the past.

    Just look at how much mileage the Germans got out of what were relatively scant reparations for what was done to the Jews during the Nazi era! This is nothing less than an opportunity for the 'Palestinians' to score a major propaganda coup.

    To summarize, steal less, cut the unnecessary fat in the budget and make a few gestures and concessions towards the Israelis 'for peace'.

    Yes, yes, I know, afwan, mafi mushkila ‌Sadiqi, you're most welcome.

    After all, I'm here to help. Peace!

    please helps me write more gooder!

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