Sunday, July 08, 2012

Breaking: Egyptian President Annuls Dissolution Of Islamist Parliament

New Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi issued a presidential decree today annulling what passes for Egypt's supreme court's ruling dissolving the Islamist-dominated Egyptian parliament. he has called them back into session.

Morsi's decree was explicit in saying that new elections would occur, in accordance with the court's ruling - but 60 days after the new constitution is put in place.

Presumably, that also means that the junta's naming of itself, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, as the chief legislative body is also null and void and that it is the Islamists who will write Egypt's new constitution.

More importantly, it means that the military has caved in and agreed to support the new Islamist revolution.

Egypt looks to be headed headed down a similar Iranian path. Some high ranking military officers with ties to the old regime will flee, like Morsi's political opponent Shafik. Others will be imprisoned or executed and still others will become part of a new Egyptian-style 'revolutionary guard' which will essentially become an institution in itself.

Another similarity..having enabled a takeover of a former U.S. ally by an Islamist regime, the Obama Administration is following in the Carter Administration's footsteps. As the Courier-Mail writes, 'The United States is reaching out carefully to Mr. Morsi as officials predict a more complicated and less predictable relationship with a key Arab nation.'

Change Morsi to 'Khomeini' and 'Arab' to 'Muslim' or 'Persian Gulf' and that could have been written in 1979.

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