Monday, August 06, 2012

Report: Iranians Have Completed Cleanup Of Nuclear Site To Hide Weaponization Evidence

Back in February of this year, International Atomic Energy (IAEA) officials deflared their desire to inspect Iran's top secret Parchin facility after reports of military nuclear related activity. Needless to say, Iran refused to let IAEA inspoectors anywhere near it.

But what they did do was to engage in a massive cleanup of the site to 'sanitize ' it and hide the evidence of what they'd been engaged in.

According to the
Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) report, published with new satellite imagery, the Iranians have finally completed what must have been a major operation to hide whatever they had going on at Parchin:

התצלום מ-7 ביוני

הצילום האחרון, מ-25 ביולי. בסיס בניין שנהרס (צילום: אתר ISIS)

The latest image shows massive cleanup efforts. The entire area surrounding the buildings appears to have been bulldozed, covered, and flattened.

According to ISIS, the work began in March, right after the IAEA first requested access. Now that it's finished, I'm sure the Iranian regime might allow an inspection of exchange for a suitable quid pro quo, of course.

This is the equivalent of a murderer or drug dealer offering to let the police search his home or place of business to 'prove his innocence' after he's had months to make sure no evidence is going to be found.

Meanwhile the centrifuges keep spinning, and talks that continually go nowhere keep going.

If I were the Iranians, based on what's happened to date I would see no reason not to keep heading for nuclear weaponry. When it comes to the west, they have literally gotten away with murder for years, and if I were the mullahs I'd certainly see no reason things might change anytime soon.

Except, of course, for those irritating Jews in the 'Zionist entity' north of them.

They might conceivably turn out to be a problem.

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