Tuesday, December 09, 2014

GOP Caves - Spending Bill Includes Nearly $1 Billion For Illegal Migrants


After America gave the GOP a landslide victory, the Republican leadership is repaying them with what amounts to a total surrender to President Obama's amnesty by diktat.

The new GOP draft 2015 “omnibus” spending bill includes $948 million designated to aid poor and unskilled Central American illegal migrants establish themselves so they can stay in the United States. And there are no restrictions whatsoever on the president's plan to give work permits and other benefits to millions of illegal migrants. Nor is the bill prohibiting the Department of Homeland Security from spending money to implement President Obama's amnesty:

Instead, the leadership, led by House Speaker John Boehner, drafted a bill imposing a 60-day spending limit for Obama’s immigration agencies.

The planned 60-day spending limit is largely symbolic, because the most important immigration agency can operate on fees paid by the illegals.

“Leadership is basically giving in to every facet of Obama’s amnesty. We’re giving up an astonishing amount of leverage on every issue imaginable,” said one Hill aide.

The struggle between Boehner’s business wing and the populist conservative wing, has received little coverage in the established media, even though GOP legislators are calling for the public to protest their leadership’s policies.

Not only does the president's new executive order pretty much make enforcement of our immigration laws irrelevant, it creates new opportunities and encouragement for a brand new surge of illegal migrants to cross the border, expected to start in the summer of 2015.

And why not? Their chances of being allowed to stay have never been better. In 2014, Obama’s agencies accepted something like 56,000 Central American minors, providing them with health screenings and air transport to parents and family members throughout the United States.

The Obama Administration is also spending at least $7 million to provide free lawyers to the migrants so they can win court cases to remain in the United States. Only 1,901 were sent home by October 31st.

If the Republican leadership thinks that they're going to be able to indulge in this kind of treachery to please the Chamber of Commerce and their wealthy donors and still win elections, they're even stupider than I thought. This goes beyond mere politics..it's bad for the country and sets a horrible precedent.

Watch how quickly their majority disappears in 2016, especially if they nominate some RINO like Jeb Bush. The base will stay home, the majority of Latinos whom vote will vote for Hillary or whatever other Democrat promises them more gimmees and the GOP will likely have participated in its last election as a new party forms.

Here's hoping enough Republicans get this to kick Boehner and McConnell out and get new leadership, before they wind up being destroyed as a political entity.

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