Monday, February 09, 2015

CBS: Rape Doesn't Qualify As A 'Physical Injury'

This one is jaw dropping even for one of the Alphabet networks.

CBS in the San Francisco Bay area ran a horrendous story about a Domino's Pizza delivery woman who was kidnapped and raped in broad daylight while making a delivery in Antioch, a small suburb of Oakland in Contra Costa County.

An armed man described as a juvenile pulled a gun on her, forced her to drive to a secluded spot and then raped her. To show you how brilliant the perpetrator was, after the assault was reported, the police were able to arrest him easily - at the same home where he had asked for the pizza to be delivered.

But the last part of this story is what caught my eye:

Domino’s spokesman Tim McIntyre said the company is “shocked and horrified by what happened.”

McIntyre said the company will give the employee whatever support she needs. It was not immediately known if she was physically injured.

This poor woman was forcibly raped, and CBS doesn't know if she was physically injured?

Being raped doesn't qualify as a physical injury, no matter what else she might have been subjected to? Is 'aw, she was just raped, it's not like she was physically injured' CBS's viewpoint nowadays?

I point this out because the reporters on this network have repeatedly run stories bloviating about 'rape culture' and  'the Republican's war on women.' Funny, but I've never seen  any thing this insensitive towards rape victims on say, FOX.

The hypocrisy on display is amazing.

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