Monday, February 02, 2015

The Latest Faux Issue - Vaccinations

Our president, who ran our debt up to $18 trillion wants to submit as ridiculous budget to congress to raise spending another $4 trillion, something that would have gotten him laughed at and ridiculed in saner times. Not only that, but he threatening to veto any budget that doesn't raise spending.

To add to the mix, the president wants to raise taxes on American corporations, even though they're already close to the highest in the world.He also wants to increase the already high 'death taxes' and toss his green energy cronies another $7.4 billion in subsidies.

Food and utility prices continue to reach record highs as wages stay stagnant, healthcare premiums continue to skyrocket and gas prices, one of the few bright spots in the economy are starting to rise again.

And that's just the domestic side of things.

So instead of any of these issues, what are all the headlines about today? Vaccination. Mandatory vaccination of children.

Before we deal with how ridiculous and manufactured this is, full disclosure, my children were vaccinated.

The Left decided to create an issue out of this just like they did about birth control. And it's similar in that no conservative per se want to ban vaccinations, just like they didn't want to ban birth control. The key words are choice and mandatory.

This absolutely kills me. These are the same people on the Left who applauded amnesty for thousands of illegal aliens who came across the border without  any health checks whatsoever, and they claim to be concerned now about the spread of contagious diseases?

Being pro-vaccination is one thing. Forcing people to doit against their will is quite another.

Here's one of the stupider headlines out there, courtesy of the Soros gally slaves at Talking Points Memo: Doctor: 'I don't care if my kids make others gravely sick' (no link, stupidity is even more contagious these days than most diseases).

Aside from the fact the quote is,shall we say, not exactly a real quote, let's look at the premise. If my children are vaccinated against a certain disease, the chances are they aren't going to catch that disease, nor will other children whom are vaccinated. The kids that stand a far greater chance are those whom aren't vaccinated.

On the other hand, there are parents whom feel that vaccination leads to other diseases and problems.

Since there really isn't totally conclusive research on this either way ( although the evidence,in my view, leans towards the efficacy of vaccinations) really both sets of parent are rolling the dice, and the reality probably is that there's another, unknown genetic or biochemical factor involved.

So why should parents who don't want their kids vaccinated be forced to..and for that matter, just to flip the coin, why should my children be prohibited from being vaccinated if I want them to be?

Nor do I accept the argument that this is a question of 'public risk.'We seem to be asked to accept quite a bit of public risk these days when it comes to what the Left wants - body scans and shoe removal at airports instead of profiling, the confiscation of legal firearms, releasing violent felons back into society, the aforementioned illegal aliens, wholesale social engineering in many if our institutions in the name of 'choice' and 'diversity.'

So what's wrong with giving parents a choice here?

UPDATE: My good friend Snoopy over at Simply Jews makes a point worth considering:

Un-vaccinated kids are endangering not only themselves, which will be less of a problem*. Unfortunately, and I am taking it from a horse mouth, believe me, they are putting into a deadly danger a lot of adults that may die because of the kids.

The reason is that some (not all, but quite a high percentage) of vaccines don't work forever for a person that underwent the vaccination. Many of diseases that we were vaccinated against, are simply out of circulation, considered to be extinct, thus no one is required to repeat the vaccinations at a later stage.

Unfortunately, during the last twenty or so years, it appeared that quite a few diseases thought extinct, are anything but, just hiding in some remote corners of the world and waiting for un-vaccinated kids, who are the surest targets for bugs of all kinds, as it is widely known.

And what do you know - the next victims could be these innocent adults, vaccinated a lot of years ago and considered to be out of the danger zone. This scenario could kill literally millions before an answer to a specific bug is found.

So please consider this warning. The freedom of vaccination goes only so far. In this case, much as I dislike government intervention in anything, I should consider a forced inoculation. Except, of course, the cases where it is impossible for medical reasons.

By the way, I am not at all sure that the whole vaccination story is split by left vs right. Consider this moron Bill Maher:

And there are more of same ilk...

(*) I would say that the grown-ups that consider it their expression of freedom not to vaccinate their kids for (wrong) health, political or religious reasons, are deeply in the wrong - because they take the decision to endanger someone else's life.

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