Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Watcher's Council Nominations - 'All ISIS Needs Is Jobs' Edition


The Obama Regime's State Department in action, courtesy of spokeshole Marie Harf:

When even Chris Matthews gets it (sort of), we're in real trouble.

The Obama regime can't even create decent jobs here in America, let alone Iraq. Do these people seriously think we're going to be able to buy off Islamic State?

Then there's the president's new 'war' request,which ought to be voted down, at least at this time. The video above tells us why the sort of mindset that prevails in the White House shouldn't be trusted to manage a successful war.

  • First, the AUMF Matthews refers to isn't really a declaration of war, just another half-assed 'authorization', and we've certainly been there before.

  • Second, IS is not anywhere near the imminent threat Iran is, and taking IS out simply delivers Iraq to Iran as part of their goal... a Shi'ite, Iran-ruled nuclear armed bloc controlling both sides of the Persian Gulf and stretching to the Mediterranean. Taking out IS simply removes one more obstacle to Iran, the same way our taking out Saddam Hussein did. Let's deal with Iran first..which of course will never happen with this president.

  • And finally, based on this president's record as commander-in-chief, do we really want him in charge of creating yet another stupid blunder? Do we want our troops fighting another war and dying because they're handcuffed by his ridiculous rules of engagement? Just today, he insulted the Egyptians and criticized them for bombing targets in Libya after IS killed a number of Egyptian Copts there..whom the Obama Administration in their statement pointedly did not refer to as Christians.

    Our president would be challenged running a McDonald's successfully,let alone a war. A loose AUMF that gives him the leeway to play amateur strategist in between golf games is not the answer.

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    Anonymous said...

    killing a big bunch of them is a fine idea but it really isn't sufficient.

    horrible teachings and lousy conditions and a lack of access to decent ideas and education form a large part in raising armies of the demented and changing all that is not only a good idea but quite cost-effective (in both lives and treasure).

    for better that we don't have to keep sending our kids across the planet to kill fools and ghouls because we did something to see that there weren't as many of them raised to be such.

    Rob said...

    Anonymous, your idea - 'doing something' to take on what you refer to as 'horrible teachings and lousy conditions over there' has been tried by the west and in particular the U.S since the end of WWII. What you're talking about, essentially, is having the U.S. taxpayer foot the bill for nation building in the hopes of winning friends and creating freedom lovin' democracies more or less like ours.

    Afghanistan and Iraq are perfect examples of how badly that has always worked.

    People often cite the Marshall Plan as a good example of this, but we were dealing with western cultures that at least had an idea and often a tradition of how democratic societies function, which involves a lot more than merely having elections.

    The are a lot of cultures that despise those ideas. And in the case of Islam, those 'horrible teachings' have a firm,mainstream basis in the Qu'ran and hadith for a significant amount of Muslims. I suggest you take some time and familiarize yourself.

    And yes, even the Marshall Plan wasn't all it was cracked up to be based on what appears to be your criteria.

    We spent a huge amount of money propping up non-Iron Curtain Europe, and no, they didn't become Soviet satellites.

    But the propping up at the American taxpayer's expense also involved paying for western Europe's defense for decades, which meant the Europeans became dependent and largely downsized and practically eliminated their own armed forces. So once again, if any fireworks had started then or start now with Russia, Europe will still depend on 'sending our kids across the planet to kill fools and ghouls' as you put it.

    We aren't going to buy peace, especially not in the Middle East by 'finding them jobs' as per that ignoramus in our State department repeated talking point.

    Peace comes from strength and the perception on the part of anyone thinking about challenging us that the consequences could be horrendous.

    That especially applies to honor/shame cultures like the one that exists in the Muslim world.