Friday, September 25, 2015

The House Loses Its Boehner

John Boehner has announced that he is resigning from his position as Speaker of the House and will be giving up his seat at the end of October.

Good riddance to once of the worst leaders of the GOP caucus ever,someone who allowed an imperial presidency to run rampant under his watch. He, along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are directly responsible for the disaffection of Republicans today.

Boehner was weak when strength was needed, vengeful when unity was needed in his caucus and ineffectual when strategy was called for. He was one of the most unpopular Speakers in living memory.

At the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, which was taking place just a few blocks from the Capitol, many jumped to their feet and cheered when Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, announced that Mr. Boehner was resigning.

And that's really the heart of the matter. The GOP's leaders are finally beginning to understand how angry their base is about their blatant betrayal of the peple whom voted them in.

Don't be surprised if McConnell is the next to go.

House Republicans are now meeting to find a new Speaker. Reportedly, Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader is the top candidate for the job and more acceptable to the GOP's conservative caucus.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hurray ! O frabjous day ! callooh ! callay !

Whenever I see a photo of old Boehner, it evokes for me that famous Tenniel illustration of the weeping Mock Turtle in Carroll's immortal ' Alice In Wonderland ' . Alice wishes to know what the cause of the Mock Turtle's sorrow is, & the Mock Turtle replies with a sigh : ' Once, I was a real Turtle. ' I can see Alice asking Boehner : ' What is the cause of your sorrow, Mister Mock Republican Speaker ? ', & Boehner replies with a sigh : ' Once, I was a real Republican. '


Anonymous said...

Back in the Autumn/Fall of 2013, the Dems ( especially & particularly, dirty Harry Reid, ) shut down the government. One incidental benefit as I noted in a comment at the Washington Post site at Krauthammer's ' Who Shut Down Yellowstone ? ( v DinosaursAndDragons 10 /10 / 2013 : it was possible to comment sans a personal - computer letter - site then ) was that they, ie, the Dems, were too busy warring amongst themselves for them to commence their cherished wars against Syria ( on the side of cannibals ) & against Snowden, & c. In the event, the Republicans ( more accurately, the Tea-Party/libertarian/Ron-Paul people & activists ) had won.

Eg, the House had voted funds for NIH, & dirty Harry Reid replied to Dems eager for a vote : ' Why should "I" bother ? ' , thereby angering some more Dems ; the House voted for more funds for Head Start, with the same reply from Reid & more resultant Dem anger ; & the House voted for more Food & Drug Agency bureau funding ... with the active help from some moderate Democrats willing to buck Pelosi's & Reid's bullying !

The Dems had splintered. Then Boehner surrendered ! To rub salt into the wounds, Boehner & McCain & Gov Christie sneered at & derided the Tea-Party people, the very individuals & people which had re-captured the federal House for the GOP ( the House was certainly not recaptured by the left-over, establishment, Bush, Snr - Reagan - era operatives ! )

I was so livide ( there's nothing redder than a red Red Indian/American Indian ) that I joined my then-state's Libertarian Party, though I humourously used my birth ' White name ' , so as to make it just a jot more difficult for the fIb ( rearrange the letters ) & the nAs ( rearrange the letters ) to spot & follow me ( & God bless the dissident & refugee & whistle-blower & patriot Snowden - he woke up a lot of people ... for a while ). As joshuapundit might recall, I am not a party-type. Indeed, this might be the 1st time I've been formally affiliated with a political party, though I might have been technically a Republican in Oregon in 1976 -- can't recall if that was an open or closed system then -- in order to support Ford all the way through the primary & general election cycle.

My position is that you should not vote for any Democrat, but you should also not support many Republicans, especially & particularly, eg, McCain, Boehner, & Gov Christie ; however, it would be remiss of me -- & joshuapundit would be right to remonstrate with me if I did not note 1 exception, viz : any federal legislator which voted against EVERY ObamaCare-authorisation bill, including, especially & particularly, the FINAL vote in Oct 2013, which was the only vote which ultimately mattered.

Ciao !