Sunday, October 09, 2016

Using Trump's 12 Year Old Tape Shows The Contempt Hillary And Her Media Have For Us

The latest 'scandal' the media are using to demonize Donald Trump is an illegally obtained recording of a private conversation of Donald Trump's with Billy Bush, then host of the 'Access Hollywood' show that contains a fair amount of locker room style talk about women...from 12 years ago.

Billy Bush, by the way just happens to be former president George W. Bush's nephew..and as we all know, the former president and his entire family are supporting the open borders Mrs. Clinton. Billy Bush apparently alerted the Washington Post or perhaps even sent a copy from NBC's digital library to the paper.

And of course that, not the contents of new Clinton e-mails, the Wikileaks Podesta e-mail document drops showings Hillary's real positions on national security and open borders, or the revelations of the FBI's outright collusion with Clinton aids like Cheryl Mills during their feeble investigation is the bi-ig story.

And it shows exactly the kind of contempt the Clinton's and their media have for us, especially for women.

A lot of the media frenzy is indeed being driven by women columnists and commentators, and that's no accident.

By all means, these media figures and people that think like them should vote for Hillary Clinton, who bullied, threatened and brutalized women her husband raped and sexually harassed. Certainly a 12 year old private locker room conversation leaked illegally counts for more than that, let alone Mrs. Clinton's serial corruption, her compromising America's national security to hide her crooked deals when she was secretary of state and her role in destabilizing the Middle East!

Mrs. Clinton has also promised to bring thousands of Muslims to America from the most misogynist countries on earth, where Muslim women are considered property and infidel women are considered prey, or in the famous words of one imam, 'uncovered meat'. Young women need only look at Europe to see how flooding a western open society with these kind of migrants ends up*, and those women with fantasies of being gang raped should definitely vote for Hillary.

If I were a woman, these facts would be a lot more important to me than a 12 year old illegally obtained private conversation, but your results may differ.

And while we're on the subject, let's be honest about something Trump said during this conversation that is 110% true, and the one part of the conversation that really offends a number of women; that many of them avidly welcome advances from men with wealth, power and celebrity. I dare anyone to deny it.

To me, it's pretty natural that many women would behave in that manner, because it's wired into their DNA. From the earliest days of prehistory, women were attracted to the successful hunter, the strongest most virile warrior, the powerful leader, the prosperous farmer with the best land and crops, the wealthy trader and merchant. Men like these were seen as the most likely to breed healthy offspring, protect women and their offspring and to provide for them. And it was also a way of increasing a woman's own social status. Later on, well known artists were added to the list since they also tended to be wealthy or at least well off and because artists, writers and musicians have their own mystique for many women.

That women would fawn over such advances by someone like Donald Trump who combines all three elements of wealth, power and celebrity ought to be no big surprise.

Another thing that bears mentioning is that this is a twelve year old conversation. Has anyone out there not changed in the last 12 years? I know I have. So has Donald Trump And most Evangelicals leaders know it too, and understand the issues at stake. As one Christian commentator put it, this is one election where Christians don't get to stay home.

One thing this obscene circus has done is to re-legitimize the NeverTrumpers. Establishment Republicans like John McCain, Paul Ryan and John Kasich have already jumped on the NeverTrumper wagon, while the execrable Bill Kristol and the paid clowns at the NRO are beside themselves with ecstasy at the thought of being relevant again. However, since none of these people were going to vote for Trump anyway, there's not much damage done except to themselves. Many Republicans up for election have found out the hard way that distancing themselves from Trump and his followers is a really dumb move. And their attempt to help Hillary Clinton, who harassed and brutalized the various women Bill Clinton  sexually assaulted and harassed makes their objections even more ludicrous and fake.

Finally, here's something else this latest move tells us about team Hillary. Cooked polls notwithstanding, they're running scared.

The last illegal release of one of Trump's tax returns was supposed to do the trick, allowing them to brand him the way they branded Mitt Romney. To their shock, it didn't work and people actually admired Trump for being smart enough to use the system for his advantage. If this last gambit doesn't work, they'll be forced to rely on a rigged 'debate' and voter fraud. And Trump. a quick learner, has probably learned what he's going to have to do to combat that...create his own agenda and speak to the American people rather than allowing the 'moderators', their hand picked 'questioners' and Mrs. Clinton to do so.

This entire melange - the cooked polls, the dire commentary and the fake scandals - are designed for one objective to get Trump supporters discouraged and make them stay home. What Team Clinton and the Establishment fear more than anything else is the wild card of Trump supporters who will be voting for the first time in years, and the ones who say what's expected of them publicly but will do something quite differently in the voting booth. There's no way of tracking them and most of the polls are studiously ignoring them since a lot of them aren't likely voters.

Voter fraud in places like Philadelphia might gift some states to Mrs. Clinton if it's close, especially Blue run states.But the election is going to be won or lost by how many people fed up with America's decline show up.

If the majority of Americans actually believe that a 12 year old private conversation actually outweighs the damage the corrupt Clintons will do to America by stacking the Supreme Court with young leftists, plundering what's left of the country's wealth, gutting the Second Amendment, legalizing millions of illegal migrants and bringing boatloads of Muslim 'refugees' to America they will get what they deserve.

Ultimately, it remains in G-d's hands. We'll see whether that old saying about G-d watching out for children, drunks and the United States of America still rings true. We will learn whether we are worthy of of the Republic our forefathers bequeathed to us, or whether we have become so decadent and servile that we are willing to swallow the contempt our self appointed elites have for us.

* sample search topics for the unaware: takfir, Cologne gang rapes, Sweden as rape capitol, rapes in Europe by refugees, 'rapefugees', etc.

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